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    Originally posted by hope2findacure:

    We had the pleasure and honor of speaking with Dr. McDonald. This is for real.
    Thanks Hope2. Can you provide more details re your conversation.


      Yes Seneca,
      This is what we talked about...the primate colony that is available there, the cost down there being 1/100th what it would be here, the delivery of the procedure will be an injection as already talked about months ago in the previous posting concerning this, the promising results of this research he is doing, and he explained Somatic Nuclear Transfer. It made sense when he explained that with SNT, you take the individual's own DNA and create cells that actually belong within the spinal cord. We've had only one conversation with him, and we still have some questions that we've thought of afterward (of course!)and are hoping to speak with him again if possible. But we know enough to realize this is the best thing going, and are so very encouraged.
      To the people on the forum that have been talking about wondering where to donate...check into this.
      We spoke to him sometime during the second week of March. I can't advise anyone what to do regarding making a donation, that has to be a personal decision that people make based on the information that they have. We personally feel we have enough information. I'm glad you feel you do also!

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        I spoke with McDonald's nurse, Linda Schultz, in January of this year. She told me that human trials should start the end of 04, and no later than the first of 05, using SCNT.

        I inquired as to what kind of results the procedure might produce, and she said based on what had been achieved in the lab, the therapy "should" prove quite effective. She said more than one treatment may be needed until the procedure is optimized.

        She never asked for any type of donation.


          The original thread discussing Dr. McDonald's project can be found here.
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            I did go up to London to hear his speech.

            I am convinced that he wants to improve our conditions, the word cure was not used. Regardless, it was all very exciting.

            I know some people complain about rats (lol), but I saw a video of one and I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a rat walk in my life.
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              I am convinced that he wants to improve our conditions, the word cure was not used.
              The word "cure" provides a lot of misconceptions on this website. A full cure is decades away, that's probably one reason McDonald refrains from using it.

              We will see small incremental improvements in therapies over the years, and McDonald is a possible step in this direction. I believe he is dedicated to improving our condition too lynnifer.


                Thanks lynnifer, any chance of transcripts or local papers reporting on it?

                i agree schmeky

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                  Doubtful, I did not see one reporter. London is also two hours away from me and I do not receive their local paper.

                  The hour-long speech was taped by someone at Parkwood Hospital. That's all I know. And that Parkwood announced they would be collaborating with McDonald on some of his work ... I think they mean the FES and gait-training stuff. It's fun to see smaller hospitals trying to stay competitive ... it seems the bar has been raised.

                  Please understand that I work full time shift work so I would not compare myself to most around this site with their knowledge of ES and the like .. but I learned a few things. That ES Cells don't grow as well in grey matter as they do in white matter. I am T-12 .. there seemed to be little improvement from T-7 to T-11 in rats according to a chart he had. I told the guys at work that and their immediate reaction was YET. I agree.

                  There was something a bit surprising I learned about drugs specific to SCI, that these drugs limit growth from ES cells in the white matter of the rats. There just isn't a solution YET. And these are just rats anyway so who knows.

                  The whole point of the thing was LONG TERM RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE and that to OPTIMIZE SPONTANEOUS RECOVERY, you should have an ACTIVITY BASED RECOVERY PROGRAM. More specifically, he spoke of FES and Aqua-therapy.

                  I learned a new word lol - OUTLIER - someone who remarkably recovers things they shouldn't have i.e. Christopher Reeve.

                  Something else that made me appreciate this doctor, besides the fact that he was hot with his sun-kissed blonde hair (lol), was that he understood people have gone back to their lives, had families and work etc so an ideal solution is needed to fit in - that isn't what he said word for word, but that's the impression I received.

                  Something I really liked too was that he mentioned about time going by and meanwhile people are in these wheelchairs, so time is definitely a factor for him .. I was impressed by that compassionate statement.
                  Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

                  T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12



                    If what you say is really the case then you aren't expecting ever to walk again yourself? Just wondering


                    that's a good point about people needing treatments to fit into their lives - that's a big problem when you consider how long the physio would need to take


                      Thanks for the update Lynnifer, I also believe that he understands that urgency is needed, careerism seems to be less of a concern to him.

                      By lynnifer:
                      ...That ES Cells don't grow as well in grey matter as they do in white matter.
                      If I recall correctly, this applies to OEG's as well, although I may be wrong. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


                        I'm sorry I didn't read this until today. Karen lives in London, Ontario and did her Rehab at Parkwood Hospital. She is on the wait list for doing more therapy there. She used to do Volunteer work in the Research Dept at Parkwood and I know she was going to be at Parkwood on Thursday. I'll call her tomorrow and see if she has heard anything.




                          At 47 years of age. . . .no, I no longer think I will walk again. I stay on this site because I do care about younger people that have a chance and I update several people in my area with SCI that will not visit this site.

                          I may see the day I might be able to possibly stand, maybe "shuffle" a little with a walker, but no more.

                          We tend to read more into the research than what it is actually promising, a perfectly normal human perception.


                            We believe in Dr. McDonald and what he is trying to accomplish. We sent in our donation. I've been told that they have already begun and are actually ahead of schedule at this time. I hope they get the necessary funds to stay on schedule, but they need help. To anyone who is wanting to send a donation, the fund information has changed from what was posted previously on the forum.
                            Tax deductable donations can be mailed to:
                            BJH Foundation
                            600 South Taylor Avenue, Suite 120
                            P.O. Box 790369
                            St. Louis, Missouri 63179-9847

                            Make the check payable to BJH Foundation
                            Indicate in the memo line John W. McDonald, MD, PhD, NTT fund #5293

                            Every donation counts. Washington University Spinal Cord Injury Program has created and will display a plaque on the research floor at the Spinal Cord Injury Center (4455 Duncan Avenue, The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis) commemorating the donation team that made this dream possible.

                            Linda Shultz can be contacted for further information about the program or donating. That info is on the link that MK99 added below (phone number, etc).(Thanks MK99)

                            We would be happy to talk to anyone about this, if you want to email us.

                            If we join together, we can make this trial a reality in the very near future. Many have complained, myself included, about how there are no human clinical trials going on and that no one is willing to do what's necessary. This is our chance. You have to begin somewhere.



                              thank you for all your support and information.

                              i will be sending in my donation soon!!!!!!!!


                                We spoke again with Dr. McDonald.
                                We have had a couple of people ask us about rather or not a person who has had Dr. Kao's procedure, or another procedure, such as OEG, could get this procedure done. Obviously they wouldn't be a candidate for clinical trial, but it was Dr. McDonald's thought that it wouldn't ruin there chance to benefit from the therapy past the clinical trial date.

                                If you'd like to know more we'll do our best to answer whatever questions you have.