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Tamoxifen Has anyone heard of this before?

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  • Tamoxifen Has anyone heard of this before?

    Has anyone heard of this before?

    Excel is very similar to a drug that is been discussed before.

    Leuoprolde Acetate

    Do these two do mostly the same thing?

    Does this do the same thing as how these two compare?

    Could they be used together?

    I know that there are a couple people on this site that have tried the Leuoprolide

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    I remember touring a lab in London years ago and they were experimenting with Tamoxifen - normally used in breast cancer to block estrogen. They wanted to experiment with drugs already on the market for faster approval.

    Dr Art Brown at Schulich School of Medicine
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      The Zhigang He lab tested Tamoxifen at Boston Childrens on crushed optic nerve a few years back using Rosamer mice.