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  • Unexplained return

    I've read stories of people that "get better". Have any of you experienced any unexplained return?

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    Sure, I got return 12 year post injury. Apparently, I experienced axonal reorganization. You might ask what kind of return I got? Well, I developed neurological pain in the whole left side of my body. Quite spectacular return.

    Sorry, I am afraid I am being sarcastic. The story is true though. You can read more here: http:///forum/showthread.php?259037-...t-injury-C4-C5

    To be frank. Don't get your hopes up.


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      I regained a lot of function 6-10 months post-injury. I lost almost everything I had gained and then some a year after that due to a weird secondary condition, had a couple of big neurosurgeries and have regained 90% of sensation lost and about 70% of function. Spasticity decreased significantly, as did random neuropathy.

      I don't know that any of that return was unexplained - my injury was/is incomplete, and I'm still making gains (I'm 3.5 years and 3 big operations out). I don't think my experience is typical - I don't think there is a typical experience, honestly - but I just keep slogging away at getting stronger and developing more skills.


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        Mine is a complete injury and I have never experienced any return.

        "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


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          Then why post in this thread Debbie?
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            I'm considered "complete" but after 3 years post injury I regained movement in my right thumb and pinky finger. Also to this day my sensation comes and goes below my injury level.


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              "If I Told You I Was Paralyzed For 10 Years Would You Believe Me?" - Victoria Arlen