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No more 4 ? AP, Fampyra greater than recommended dose?

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    Originally posted by jamayerjamayer View Post
    I've been taking 4-ap for about 20 years. The pharmacy here in Calgary, Alberta says they are no longer able to get the powders to compound it for me anymore. My health plan won't cover Fampyra as it is listed as a drug for MS in Canada, even though they'd been covering the 4-ap. I can't afford Fampyra. Any advise on where I can get 4-ap or even 4-ap-3-MeOH would be appreciated. I can't seem to get the mod4all link to work. Thanks, Jerry
    I can't get the mod4all link to work either. I was thinking about making a trip up to Canada to see if I could get this drug. Is there a doctor up there that would see me and prescribe this to me? I thought I read somewhere that it was approved for SCI use in Canada but not in the US.