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Interesting article on aging and spinal cord injury

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  • Interesting article on aging and spinal cord injury

    Given the discussion about aging in some topics, I thought that some people might be interested in the following article:


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    The most common overuse syndromes causing pain in the upper extremities are degenerative joint diseases, rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff tendinitis, subacromial bursitis, and capsulitis according to Kirshblum et al. Other musculoskeletal complications include fractures of the lower extremities, which are reported to occur in as many as 6% of individuals, with the most common fracture occurring at the femur. As many of 10% of these fractures result in a nonunion.

    Nearly all pediatric patients with SCI experience scoliosis (97%). In adults with SCI, just slightly less than 50% develop scoliosis.

    Osteoporosis occurs uniformly in individuals with SCI with bone loss beginning immediately after the injury. Garland et al describe a reduction of bone mineralization as high as 22% in the first 3 months postinjury. Bauman et al have clarified the studies on bone loss, and it has been demonstrated that there is a continual linear loss of bone that is a function of time since the occurrence of SCI. Bauman's studies have been conducted on identical twins, where one twin has a SCI and the other is able-bodied. Individuals with a Brown-Séquard-type SCI have been shown to have greater bone loss in the paretic extremity as compared to the stronger extremity.
    In individuals surviving 30 years or longer following SCI, nearly 50% of all deaths occur due to premature cardiovascular disease.
    Hopefully, we'll soon be spared from suffering more of the devastating effects of long term SCI.

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      what a great read - I knew there was a reason that I'm so scared of the future - so much more deterioration than AB people - quality of life non-existant - I've done the 20 years after which everything falls apart


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        I think this is in the wrong forum - nothing about cure more about reality I guess


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          Very informative and sobering but it probably would be more appropriate for the Care forum. Dr. Young, I'm going to copy this topic there.

          Thank you.