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    Miami Project Newsletter

    I am on the MP newsletter mailing list and just got my No.1 Winter 2004 mail out.

    I was gald to recieve it and looked forward to reading about the 80% success in regeneration Mary Bunge and her team has supposedly achieved. There was no mention of this, nothing, zip, nada. I was a little disappointed.

    However, out of the 12 pages of the newsletter, only 2 mentioned research, but 10 were on funding, raising money, how to get more money, how much money they had, who the big contributors were, etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I KNOW IT WILL TAKE MEGA-BUCKS to effect a cure and we are much better off with MP than if there not an MP.

    But I can't donate money in the little pre-paid envelope they send me when I, as an SCI, read more about money than progress. Details of some real progress with some info that I could sink my teeth into would have me stuffing some bills in their envelope. This is basically all that was mentioned about what is important to me:

    "This amazing giving level places the Buoniconti Fund as one of only three Millennium Society Members at the University of Miami and helps propel the important research at the Miami Project rapidly towards a cure."

    Or is it just me??

    I agree. I too searched and searched for some research news.

    Included was a long article about Neurophysiological research ie Central Pattern Generators, but nothing on Regenerative Research.

    They did say the Neurophysiological Research would help them identify the neurons that would be key targets for regenerating axons.

    This fundraising focus of MP rather than research focus in their newsletters, has made me be a five year subscriber to the Spinal Cord Society, whose newsletter comes out monthly rather than quarterly. The SCS has also been the beneficiary of my donations during the past five years.
    Their newsletters are packed with research info., sometimes excessively technical, but nevertheless very encouraging.
    Privides a much needed boost to the psyche, as does the carecure forum! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


      Have searched their site top to bottom, nuthin!Cant even find out wheres the best place to look for that kind of info is published.

      Maybe you should write out a letter just like you wrote here n stick it in that little envelope n fire it back tellin them how you feel instead of money this time.

      Mike Kiernan posted he would be there, Thought he might have posted by now. Might not be anything to report on tho.



        got a link to SCS please. And where do you find these abstracts when they are first published, I look at NIH alot but are there any better sites to ck.?



          DIGGER, try

          They usually provide the index to their newsletters only. You would have to subscribe to their monthly newsletter for $30 per year, to be able to read the actual articles.

          BTW they believe all we need is autologeous adult stem cells and/or embryonic stem cells developed from SCNT.
          They believe other embryonic stem cells would likely be rejected by the host.
          According to them working on the autologeous stem cells would get us to a cure fastest since knowledge about embryonic stem cells is many years behind what we already know about adult stem cells.

          They have their own Research Center in Colorado where they can work independently from political pressures. I'm not sure about this, but they had planned to start human trials in Estonia a while back. Also they have a huge Australian Chapter and are working with the Spinal Cord Injury researchers there.

          Info about SCS:


            A little bit of info on what they are doing at SCS Australia:

            Also if you need to buy a book from amazon, please do it here:
            [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]Cure Paralysis -- BUY THE BOOK [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


              i agree schmeky. they would get more support if they would open up. a basketball game is not fun if you hide the scoreboard.


                DA, great analogy, I liked that. I gave up on Miami's newsletter years ago. I just chuck 'em when I get one. They are not encouraging at all. This site is the best.


                  I received their email letter a few days ago and they provided a link to a segment that was done on the them on 'Good Morning America" - Hope this works!


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                    OOOooops - it didn't. Sorry. But if anyone happens to find it, they showed some great footage of stuff that is being done. The show had a very positive slant towards research advancements (despite saying the usual 5-10 years crap)


                      SCS is planning a human clinical trial in little old New Zealand at the end of this year, so I'm told.

                      I have been warned to be sceptical about it

                      But who knows



                        Believe it when I see it. I requested some SCS "newsletters" last year and I may be blasted for this, but I was not overly excited by them. I know any and all research is valuable, but they (SCS) criticized Lima, yet they are "exploring" his technique.



                          According to the SCS, human trials providing "significant" recovery are to take place this year, as follows:

                          Through the efforts of its research, it is now on the threshold of providing THAT CURE. Specially grown stem cells are to be used in the first human treatments during the period of this year. A final application will soon be made for human trials in chronic spinal cord injury using the same autologous cell treatment.

                          Human trials will also begin in Estonia early in the fall and the University of Alabama a little later for both Parkinsonism and chronic spinal cord injury."

                          This is truly great news for persons suffering from Parkinsonism and those with spinal cord injury.

                          Here's the website


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                            Thanks Schmeky for this wonderful news!!! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

                            "Together we stand, divided we fall..."


                              Yes DA "...a basketball game is not fun if you hide the scoreboard."

                              on the other hand, you can make the game go on forever.