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Epidural stimulation question

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  • Epidural stimulation question

    I am kind of just asking this question for sake of starting discussion and the forum has been pretty dead lately

    For those that have close insight on whats going on currently with getting epi-stim to the general paralyzed public...where are we at? And whats to happen on the road with stemcells for sci

    Cervical epi-stim?
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    5 to 10 years away.


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      Originally posted by Barrington314mx View Post
      5 to 10 years away.
      That sounds a bit pessimistic. I like to believe what Dr. Terrafranca said in his W2W presentation about the time frame


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        Late 2018 or early 2019, transcutaneous epidural stim units will be available by prescription with protocol determined by MD for use at PT or home.

        Stem cells? No clue.
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          Miss can you tell us more about these transcutaneous / epidural stim units? Where are they being developed / tried and by whom? Can you give us some links? Thanks.


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            I assume that's the Edgerton thing? Doubt it will work for my flaccid self, but looks good!

            I heard that Harkema's lab was experimenting with different software on their Xcite system ($20,000 and on the Canadian-October 2016 and US-January 2017 markets already) for flaccid involving deeper stim at higher values.

            Was so excited but really it's glorified McDonalds e-stimbike 20yrs later.

            We shall see though.
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              I'm speaking specifically about the NRT / Edgerton device(s).
              Lynnifer, I'll asked Terrafranca about flaccid (LMN) paralysis usage. The main differentiator for LMN is pulse width, not current. So far the FDA has limited pulse width to something like 500 micro seconds, whereas LMN injuries require 1000-3000 micro seconds.
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                Facility where I workout at will let me try Xcite settigns on my flaccid quadriceps (rest of muscles respond to normal stim unit) I was told it is rather painful and my sensation for quadriceps is there so it might be hard to tolerate but I'm curious to see if those will kick in.

                There were also talks of using exoskeleton with combination of Xcite unit to stimulate all muscles while walking (Collab w/Dr Edgerton).


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                  Lynnifer, traditional FES doesn't work with lower motor neuron injuries, but transcutaneous spinal stimulation isn't trying to get the muscle to contract. In the case of transcutaneous spinal stim it's the cord that is being stimmed. So my guess is that it actually might result in some recovery but that said recovery would best be augmented by LMN FES (long pulse width) of the muscles to speed retraining and rebuilding. Anyway, I just fired Nick an email about whether they've looked at LMN injury subjects yet. Will let you know.
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                    How applicable is it to high level C3) quads and will it bring sensation return? Being able to touch and feel is more important than motor return for me.


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                      I found a new Epidural Stimulation trail that is taking place in