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Flying for the first time

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  • Flying for the first time

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions I am getting ready to fly for the first time since I started having to use a chair. A little scared about that tiny little thing they call a chair to tranfer me to my seat. Any suggestions about flying? THanks


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    Hi Gene, welcome to CareCure.

    I'm going to copy this post the Sports & Travel Forum. Responses will be posted there.



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      Rbruist, you may wish to look up the FAA rules on your rights, here are a few suggestions:

      Bring a friend to help in the transfers, they must allow one non traveling helper to assist at each end of the trip.

      Make sure that the people that are assisting you are trained, and walk through with them your needs.

      If you have a battery wheelchair provide proof that the battery is non-spillable, or they will need to remove the battery.

      Remove all items possible from your chair.

      When they damage your chair and they will!! damage your chair make sure you get a full report written up before you leave the airport

      One of the key rules the FAA has for the aisle type chair is that you can only be left in this thing for a maximum of 30 minutes. This thing will give you a pressure sore.

      First class or bulk head if at all possible.

      Come early or they can refuse you if you show up less than one hour prior to boarding.

      And bring your own straws if you need them, most airlines will not have them.