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Dr. wise is the the work Global Stem Cells for real????

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    Dr. wise is the the work Global Stem Cells for real????

    I came a crossed this on facebook.
    is the progress they say they are making using stem cells real????

    I've either broken every vertebra, had a fusion done or had screws(hardware)from T-8 down to L-2.
    On 11/28/16 laminectomy L-2/L-3, 3 level fusion(revision fusion T-12/L-1) rods placed from T-11 through L-1 approx. 6 screws
    02/14/11 lamy at L-1/L-2, foraminotomy at L-3/L-4 , protrusion at L5/S-1
    04/20/07 failed removal of Harrington rods left with permanent nerve damage
    09/15/85 f/x t8 thru t-11, fusion at t-9/t-10, 1 1/2" bruse on cord

    I saw this on facebook last night

    Looks like complete bullshit to me.

    Classic red flags: patient testimonies instead of clinical trial data, and look at all the disorders they claim to treat.


      They successfully replicate the original implanted epidural stimulation studies (but are way behind newer stuff) using off the shelf stimulators, but I don't think the stem cells do anything in their testimonials.
      T3 complete since Sept 2015.


        The stem cells are probably taken care of by the immune system if they are not matched. The epidural stuff is cool with Andrew .. but he was a new injury. Some might be spontaneous recovery or just the hard work he's putting into physiotherapy.
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        T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12