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Double Therapy and SCI

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    Double Therapy and SCI

    Dear friends,

    Happy New Year 2004 to all of you, your friends and close relations. We hope that this year will bring in the beginning of answers to SCI issues and new breakthroughs in the months to come.

    We're happy to announce you that we'll soon combine laserponcture with two SCI individuals who had Dr Lima's procedure. Fate had it that these two candidates had already received laserponcture for some time and observed progress.

    We hope that the double-therapy will show significant progress and it will help us to better understand the mechanics of SCI repair and give reasonable hopes. We also hope that we'll be able to combine this therapy with Dr Huang's procedure in the future.

    We'll keep you informed of their progress as soon as possible.

    For information, we use the very last version of laser, which will have slight improvements in January.

    Again, Happy New Year to all of you,


    Sujet : Bi-therapie pour SCI

    Chers amis,

    Tout d'abord, permettez-moi de vous souhaiter une bonne et heureuse annee 2004 a vous tous ainsi qu'a vos proches et a tous ceux qui comptent pour vous. Que cette annee apporte un commencement de reponse au probleme des SCI et que de grandes avancees therapeutiques jalonnent les prochains mois.

    En ce qui nous concerne, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que bientot nous appliquerons le laserponcture sur deux blesses medullaires ayant recu la chirurgie du Dr Lima, et cela en complement de cette chirurgie. Le hasard a voulu que ces deux candidats avaient deja recu du laserponcture il y a quelques mois et avaient pu observer des progres.

    Nous esperons que cette bi-therapie apportera des resultats concrets et que cela ouvrira la voie a plus de comprehension des mecaniques de reparation de la moelle epiniere et un espoir raisonne de progres. Nous esperons aussi que dans l'avenir nous pourrons appliquer cette bi-therapie avec des candidats qui ont recu la therapie du Dr Huang.

    Pour information, nous utilisons maintenant la derniere generation de laser qui sera completee encore par d'autres ameliorations courant janvier.

    Nous vous tiendrons informe des progres de chacun des que possible.

    Bonne annee encore a tous,

    Might be a stupid question, but what's laserponcture?

    For example, with the two mentioned, what in more (also systems) details was done there?


      And since at asking questions:

      How much does it cost?
      What location is it done in?

      What time with these two individuals is the start of the "combining" planned?

      With these two, what were the mentioned improvements?
      How long post-injury were they?

      (I mean also, could it be excluded, in case of not that old injuries,
      that also natural healing processes
      quite outside the laser method
      were causing improvements?)



        To know more on laserponcture, you can visit our website
        We'll answer your other questions later.


          Dear Acid,

          Concerning results, there are many members on this forum who had the laserponcture treatment, I think it may be more courteous to let them explain what they've recovered. Look up the following post.




          Cher Acid,

          A propos des resultats, des nombreux membres de la liste ont recu un traitement par laserponcture, je crois qu�ils seraient plus courtois de leur laisser la parole, neanmois vous pouvez consulter le message suivant.