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    gee, thanks not only do i have to wade thru acid's original postings of her insane drivel...i gotta scrool thru your re-posting of it...aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!

    somebody hep me...plaese hep me...


    "It's not easy being green"
    accept no substitutes


      Wise...after relegating acid's rantings to members only forum (which effectively killed it as a forum anyone wants to visit now) why on earth have you moved it back to cure?

      I gotta wade through this morass to find something that has relevance or can even be made sense of? Please, please, PLEASE put this crap back where it doesn't interfere.

      'Nuff said.


      "It's not easy being green"
      accept no substitutes


        I'm quite used to hardly anyone on this site seeming to actually bother to try to comprehend what I try to express about.
        Actually, you are wrong, 'cid. A lot of us actually do try to understand what you are saying.


          Kaprikorn, no one is forcing you to click here.

          If your intellectual capacties do not reach, to connect the headline with stuff by me,
          I regard this as your personal problem.

          Apart from that, declaring something insane stuff, is not proving, that the E-OEG into Cjo's left SCI in no form caused anything unsane.

          (Personally, I even wondered what cellular defense settings might have done in the SCI, but I do not perceive down to such small levels.)


            "Actually, you are wrong, 'cid.
            A lot of us actually do try to understand what you are saying."

            If I were wrong, how comes, I never noticed anyone to have followed the starter instructions for some stuff to Salmanilla in Contemplations,
            that I pointed out again and again, as seeming significant, if trying to follow various some better?

            Keeping pointing something out as seeming a significant base,
            to comprehend various better,
            it might be assumed, that whoever 's actually out to comprehend various better, might have taken this serious.

            To me it has seemed more, people ignore these instructions pointed out as significant to comprehend more,
            and next complain, that they do not comprehend more.


            The 'cid, I liked. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


              Last night I was staring on trip at one of Cjo's, 4 days post-OP, and thought, this seems scarily too early for me.
              The about 10 days post one seemed OK for me.
              But 4 too early.


                "This topic was set up for those wishing to contact Dr. Huang, in order for them to leave their contact information." The latter seems not mentioned in the headline. And I wished to contact him, whatever it's tried to be censored here."

                Acid - Your comments have been moved here:

                Acid's comments

                Please don't pretend you don't understand what the purpose of this topic is - it doesn't become you. You have been asked and asked to not make inappropriate posts.

                [This message was edited by Marmalady on 01-08-04 at 08:41 PM.]


                  This is a post from Acid in the 'Contact Dr. Huang' topic. It has been moved here and removed from that topic.

                  ""This topic was set up for those wishing to contact Dr. Huang, in order for them to leave their contact information." The latter seems not mentioned in the headline. And I wished to contact him, whatever it's tried to be censored here.
                  As I don't think,
                  it's just something here,
                  that with (by now) 3 pictures post-OP of Cjo / **** *****,
                  various isn't going anymore in these energy games, as before.
                  However I think it's important, that within other persons this isn't disabled,
                  if there still seem quite some latent capacities in SCI,
                  as with Cjo's left.

                  With the right SCI, I regard the advantages far higher,
                  than such disadvantages.
                  As with the right, such in games here never did go far, anyway,
                  for that they seemed too damaged.

                  But with the left, I still think it was a mistake to have done this OP.

                  And I still think, it might be better, to make a study about this with others.

                  I mean, not with alike Cjo's right SCI, but with alike Cjo's left SCI or even more latent or active capacities left.
                  To interphase from external into there & from the brain stem into there,
                  set the brain stem towards central regulating,
                  and let this go a while quite undisturbed.

                  Doing this pre-OP and about 10 days post OP, and comparing.

                  If I was incorrect, it should go as well or better than before.

                  If it goes as with Cjo's in pic games for me,
                  post-OP it doesn't go anymore as before from the brain stem into the SCI as the E-OEG are too unnatural,
                  for natural programs of the brain stem to be able to interreact as before.

                  And much as the importance of this might be tried to be censored off
                  as "insignificant",
                  I regard highly important regulatory control options to be the brain stem
                  for healing in SCI with quite some latent capacities for this,
                  are not disabled.

                  And in case this OP should be really disabling natural capacities for this,
                  by the unnaturalness of the E-OEG making brain stem programs not able to interreact into the SCI OK,
                  I think with lesser SCI
                  it might be first better considered,
                  particularily in cases where the SCI is just a few years back,
                  if it's really OK to do this OP.

                  Christopher Reeve's seemed to take longer than Cjo had SCI,
                  before latent healing potentials activated,
                  and then this got further,
                  than quite a number with E-OEG
                  seem to have progressed.

                  In case there should be actually a disabling of brain stem healing programs into the SCI caused by this OP,
                  I do not think it correct, to try to swipe this under the carpet,
                  and "ignore" it.

                  I think a study should be made about this.

                  And that this is not a healthy medicinal attitude, to just "ignore".

                  Or of this site, to have censored warnings to Dr. Huang.
                  And having tried to declare this as insignificant.
                  Without any study whatsoever about this.
                  Though it befits lack of scientificness, not disproving something,
                  and declaring belief about how it is, more significant,
                  than a research about how it is actually.

                  Tough times don't last - tough people do.

                  [This message was edited by seneca on 01-08-04 at 09:46 PM.]


                    The just quoted post belongs over there.
                    I think that study is better made over there
                    about how this is with others.
                    Whatever some here find this insignificant.


                      Acid, it does not - please stop arguing. The Dr. Huang topic is for those wishing to contact Dr. Huang about the possibility of going to China for his procedure; it is NOT for the discussion of the benefits or risks of that procedure.

                      Tough times don't last - tough people do.


                        Cjo: "Dr. Huang is a very wonderful, caring doctor."

                        He sure seems to do remarkable on usually not blundering up such OPs.

                        However, I noticed with slight enalienment,
                        context that you seemed to find it embarassing to be filmed sorts of flopping to the side,
                        that he seemed to regard some proving to others
                        by his filming "before - after" more important, reminding of some ego show: "I did this",
                        than your emotions at the time about this.

                        Topic "wonderful", I started to "wonder",
                        how much he is finding making a show to others more significant,
                        than what the people whom he does the show with,
                        are feeling with parts about this.

                        (Though I assume you might try to justify him afterwards for this.)

                        "but no patient has lost function." I have not read any research by his,
                        if trying to interphase into someone's brain stem and from there into the SCI,
                        and trying to shift it then to sorts of brain stem autocontrol,
                        and comparing with those where it went before,
                        to after OP,
                        that there were actually no hindrances
                        by the unnaturalness of these E-OEG so in spine,
                        to brainstem programs to interphase with regions with E-OEG in them.

                        If I recall right, you told me a while ago, that you can't perceive into the SCI. I therefore regard any claims, that nothing was changed about latent brain stem into left SCI regulatory options, and nothing sorts of disabled there, in case this is what you are trying to claim,
                        quite unsubstantial in a way.
                        As with you not having perceived into there, how would you know.
                        You wouldn't, much as you might dislike to admit that.

                        "He cares about his patients and wants each of them to recover."

                        I didn't doubt that.

                        However I have started to have slight doubts, how far he cares about various negative aspects that might be to his method.
                        Or at least so far he didn't seem to be in any particular hurry to check,
                        if brain stem interrelay programs might actually get hindered
                        by the unnaturalness of E-OEG
                        to interrelay into areas with these in,
                        and coreact with systems there.

                        Not, that I wish to imply here so far,
                        that in case it sorts of cripples into this,
                        Dr. Huang wishes to cover up
                        over he might have done so with hundreds.

                        I'm just slightly amazed, that there seems no particular hurry,
                        to check into this.
                        (Hm, not just this.
                        Also navel to there. And from down trying alike for celluar up. These, too.)

                        I'm also slightly amazed, the "wonderful" doctor "who wants each of them to recover" so far seems not to have tried even just one single checking,
                        if not tuning T sectors & medulla (or high C) energies into coreactions,
                        might speed up alterations after OP towards more going trans E-OEG
                        for better translinks with these T sectors. (And not just these.)


                        • #72

                          Will you please not use my real full name ever?

                          Marm or anybody,

                          Can that be edited out please?


                            (Censorer, glorifying belief over researching about this: ) "Acid, it does not"

                            IT DOES.

                            And what study did you make about it,
                            in the first place?! - None.

                            Without any study about it, you declare it does not. It does, and a study about the belongs to be made.
                            If this is actually sorts of crippling for healing majorly significant brain stem and of several other systems also options by this unnaturalness of the SCI being in the way of sorts of programs to interreact into lesser SCI properly enough for this and function properly enough for this,

                            this does not belong swiped under the carpet.

                            By daft US censorers,
                            who rather have hundreds,
                            if not thousands of persons in the future
                            sorts of crippled.


                              I've noticed this site's censorers
                              regard danger warnings inappropriate.
                              Or in this case, research about such.


                                Cjo, sorry. If Marmalady hadn't made it so, I can't even get at my own post anymore to correct, I'd have taken that out already.

                                I thought, because of something in your profile and with something to how many of a certain name, it's alike no biggie.
                                Normally I use Cjo, but in this particular case, I wasn't sure if Huang kept track of such and would know who's meant. And as I regard it so far so,
                                if both sides 'd been like your right, why not make that OP,
                                but if both sides had been like the left, that IMO it's wrong,
                                I'd just wanted to be sure he knows who's meant.
                                Else I normally say Cjo.

                                Anyway, I hadn't wanted to bug you with that. And 'd have had it out again after reading it bugged you, just I couldn't get at correcting mode with my own post, the way it's been censored around.

                                [This message was edited by Acid on 01-08-04 at 10:04 PM.]