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Japan to start producing Human Embryonic Stem Cells

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    Japan to start producing Human Embryonic Stem Cells

    Homegrown embryonic stem cells in offing
    Hurdles ahead but scientists see medical, property rights benefits

    Staff writer

    Beginning next month, a national institute will start providing domestically produced human embryonic stem cells -- a move likely to accelerate Japanese research into the production of tissue and organs for medical use.....

    Yoshiki Sasai, director of the neurogenesis and organogenesis group at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, said his team has applied to obtain cells from the Kyoto University institute.

    In experiments on mice, Sasai and his colleagues succeeded in developing a method for efficiently turning embryonic stem cells into specific neurons, he said....

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      Japanese School Makes Human Stem Cells
      Thu Jan 15, 5:14 AM ET

      By NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, Associated Press Writer

      TOKYO - A Japanese university has produced the country's first human embryonic stem cells, a development that could spur biotechnology research here if the government approves them for use.

      Norio Nakatsuji, who heads Kyoto University's Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, said he and his colleagues have produced enough cells to meet Japan's research needs.

      "We're ready to distribute. We're just waiting for the projects to pass government approval," Nakatsuji said.