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Stem Cells from the hockey community?

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  • Stem Cells from the hockey community?

    A Minnesota hockey player was recently injured with a high injury. I read a story about his progress in the Minneapolis StarTribune. Something caught my eye that I found odd. Check out the last sentence in the story below. I am confused as to what they are doing here. I think what the writer means is that the experimental treatment was a treatment that another SCI hockey player is helping fund. The way it is written makes it seem they solicited stem cells in the same way one would ask for a kidney match.

    PARK RIDGE, Ill. ? Doctors say they are hopeful a player for a Chicago-area junior hockey team who suffered a spinal cord injury during a game last month will recover from his injuries.

    Matt Olson lost his balance and slammed into boards last month while playing for the Chicago Cougars. The 20-year-old, a native of Isanti, Minnesota, couldn't move his arms or legs following the mishap. Doctors were optimistic Tuesday After Olson underwent surgery and experimental treatments.
    Dr. John Ruge said Olson was of clear mind after surgery and suffered no head injury. He added doctors initially believed Olson's spinal cord was severed, but determined it was "severely pinched."
    Ruge said adult stem cells found "among the hockey community" were infused in Olson to assist in the recovery of the spinal column. Ruge says it's too early to determine his prognosis.