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Dr. Jerry Silver: Latest chronic SCI research results featured at Cleveland

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    This is the Ken Takamatsu group studying through the p38 MAP kinase.

    Hamanoue, M. et al. Cell-permeable p38 MAP kinase promotes migration of adult neural stem/progenitor cells. Sci. Rep. 6, 24279; doi: 10.1038/srep24279 (2016)
    Department of Physiology, Toho University School of Medicine, 143-8540, Tokyo, Japan
    Advanced Medical Research Center, Toho University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 143-8540, Japan


      Dr Silver--Would you comment on the Nogo protein and how it relates to the glial scar tissue in the injured spinal cord. Did the Nogo protein help create the glial scar in the first place? If yes, how long is that protein active? Have heard maybe 15 years. Seems like scar tissue in the skin normalizes to normal tissue after 15-20 years and no longer has that hard ridge.

      Then, is there a point in time in the future to where the glial scar will dissolve or neutralize to where the axons and neurons will begin to penetrate (grow) through the glial scar tissue? From your posts, your research shows a weakening or dissolving of the glial scar to the point of nerve growth through the barrier with the use of Ch'ase and the peptide combo. Do you think that Ch'ase and the peptide would be more effective on a glial scar that is 15 years chronic?

      Thanks in advance.


        Bumping this up

        Originally posted by jsilver View Post
        Right, I understand your frustration. I am frustrated too. If it were solely up to me we would, indeed, be in the clinic tomorrow, especially with our new results in a super chronic model. We will publish and hopefully that will energize the entire field.

        There was some very nice conversation in this thread. Is there anything to update prior to the close of 2016?
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          I hope there is. The dog trial is finished and it appears that Chase was safe and I would be very interested on Dr. Silver's view on the conclusion of the dog trial.


            Just my opinion and I'm no one ... but I wasn't thrilled with the dog results AT ALL. Hardly worth further investigation, if I recall correctly.

            Grammy will know better but I don't think there's any further progression with Dr Silver.
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              To be honest, my expectations were also high seeing dogs running around and they said in the future they need to increase the dose but only recommended for incompletes. I might be wrong but we'll see early next year.


                Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
                Just my opinion and I'm no one ... but I wasn't thrilled with the dog results AT ALL. Hardly worth further investigation, if I recall correctly.

                Grammy will know better but I don't think there's any further progression with Dr Silver.
                I had this same feeling currently ,hoping to see more info...
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                  I hope I can do some filling in without confusing anyone. I've been busy working on SfN abstract coverage so I've got a little bit I can add. Hopefully others can finish by adding some of their own pieces of what they might know.

                  Let's be careful on dog study. The dog study has been sent in for publication so we'll see what the data shows when it comes out. Remember, these little dogs all have many variable types of spine injuries. (Herniated disc, some bone involvements, contusive injuries etc). They never meant to prove Chondroitinase as a miracle cure for just any spinal impairment. In this study, they needed to prove it safe in a large animal. (No dogs died as a result of the shot). Delivery of course can change to something more effective such as lenti-viral forms of administration. It's mostly been looked at as part of a combination therapy.

                  On the blog, you'll be seeing the progress of the Elizabeth Muir lab that is perfecting the Ch'ase AAV delivery toward human application and also using DREADD. You'll also be reading about Chondroitinase and stem cells within a non-human primate model. From everything that I've read, the push to move Chondroitinase forward is continuing. (I don't know what future course it will take however).

                  Dr. Silver also had work displayed at SfN showing the efficacy of Ch'ase in breathing recovery of the diaphragm with the Warren Ailain lab utilizing intermitten hypoxia and grafting for bladder recovery using Ch'ase and the ISP with Yu-Shang Lee. He also was co-chairman of the Session 563 - Proteoglycan in Neural Development and Disease that Herb Geller hosted. Some people were there to observe that session so hopefully they can add a bit more information to what happened in that session or perhaps caught up to him to see how things are going in the lab.


                    Any info on Chondroitinase research, anyone.
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