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    I understand that there may be a dispute on whether or not the glial scar has an affect on recovery or not, or if it's a priority for new regeneration or not.But I'm just looking at the actual surgical procedure? Can the scar/ dead tissue on the cord be safely removed??? Every now and then you catch a glimpse that it's been done in China, here there. But I've never found anything conclusive from a very reliable source

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    According to Dr. Jerry Silver, it is possible to gently pick away the scar. If done very carefully, it does not appear to cause a great deal of damage. It is done in China however in the USA, I believe there is still some reluctance by neurosurgeons to disturb it with the idea there is axonal growth possibly that should not be disturbed. (Maybe not take a chance on making the lesion worse). The consensus has always been to have the scar disintegrated with a pharmaceutical method such as Chondroitinase rather than cutting into the scar and surgically removing it. Dr. Silver describes the removal of scar in several of his video's in the U2FP library.


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      I see picking away at it, interesting. Did he happen to mention how long the procedure would be?