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Athersys MultiStem for SCI in todays news with results from Silver lab in Cleveland

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  • Athersys MultiStem for SCI in todays news with results from Silver lab in Cleveland

    Here's two links today on publications and video for the Athersys MultiStem cells being tested for SCI in the Dr. Jerry Silver lab in Cleveland.

    Marc A DePaul publication

    Athersys Company Video

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    Okay hold up.

    I thought they announced in April, trial IIb had failed for ischemic stroke. As a result their stock took a dump.
    There was just barely enough positive data to keep them going. Here they're saying Is working.

    What's going on?


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      I don't think the ischemic stroke trial was considered a fail. There appears to be correlation in the data between stroke and SCI concerning the best time of administration and outcomes for efficacy. These were not large dosages in either cohort studying safety.

      "With respect to our stroke study results, MultiStem treatment was associated with favorable safety and tolerability, consistent with our prior studies," continued Dr. Van Bokkelen. "MultiStem treatment was also associated with lower rates of mortality and life threatening adverse events, infections and pulmonary events, and a reduction in hospitalization. Additionally, a higher proportion of MultiStem treated patients achieved an excellent clinical outcome, which is defined by achieving excellent scores in each of the three clinical evaluation scales used to assess patient recovery. Further, our analyses show that patients who received MultiStem treatment earlier in the treatment window (24-36 hours post-stroke) had better recovery in comparison to those patients that received placebo in a number of parameters, including substantially reduced hospitalization times and reduced time in the Intensive Care Unit. Improved recovery was more pronounced for MultiStem administration earlier in the 24-36 hour timeframe.
      "We believe the evidence indicating that patients who received MultiStem treatment early appeared to exhibit meaningfully better recovery is very important and promising," added Dr. Van Bokkelen. "The results suggest the window of intervention with MultiStem therapy may meaningfully extend the limits of current standard of care and are generally consistent with our initial clinical hypothesis.
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