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  • The EndParalysis Foundation

    The EndParalysis Foundation needs votes to win 1000 euros.

    Please follow the link below and vote for The EndParalysis Foundation. 100% of funds made by The EndParalysis Foundation go directly to funding a cure for chronic SCI.

    Many thanks!

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        Prof. J.Verhaagen (Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience) and the EndParalysis Foundation has reached the final phase of the "Medical Inspirator" competition! The prize money has now risen to 50,000 Euro! ($56,000)

        Various researchers are working on a very important project, including Prof. Joost Verhaagen, in the Netherlands! He and the EndParalysis Foundation are both participating in the Medical Inspirator competition. Here's a video in Dutch on the Facebook page that gives generic information about spinal cord injury, the Ch'ase research project and Prof. Verhaagen's work with Chondroitinase.

        Please give a "LIKE" on this
        Facebook video link button so we can win the 50,000 Euro to donate 100% of the prize to Professor Joost Verhaagen's laboratory for his work using Chondroitinase (Ch'ase). Every "Like" on this Dutch video linkis equal to one vote toward winning the prize. Please share the video link with all your friends and family through your Facebook social media outlets, private facebook messages and email so they can also get busy and hit the like button and register a vote for the project! We have 2 very serious competitors (non SCI related) so we need every "LIKE" the community can muster in order to increase the vote count and succeed.

        Here's the Facebook video link for them to LIKE and SHARE!

        1. CLICK THE VIDEO
        LINK___________2. LIKE IT_______3. SHARE IT EVERYWHERE on Facebook

        The competition was started by a semi-public organization in the Netherlands in order to promote cooperation between patients and researchers. The subject of the collaboration and the video, is the Chondroitinase (Ch'ase) project. Patients have pushed for it's translation during the Working2Walk Symposiums. That action may make it possible for Chondroitinase to be taken into a translational therapy for human clinical trial. It is not so simple and more research work is needed like what is happening in the Verhaagen Lab to make sure the therapy is safe and ready for testing in humans. The Spinal Research Foundation (ISRT/ UK) has initiated a broad program called CHASE-IT.The EndParalysis Foundation is a partner with ISRT.

        (A video with English subtitles is available at this link but there is no "like" button here that counts toward the 50,000 Euro prize).
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          Did anybody like and share the video?


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            I did.
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                I am locking this at the request of OP. They will start a new thread with updated info with a new call to action.