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Connection Between Prayer and Healing Captured in Documentary

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    Connection Between Prayer and Healing Captured in Documentary

    Connection Between Prayer and Healing Captured in Documentary
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    One of America's top heart surgeons and a certified nurse practitioner are at the helm of what is likely to be the most scientifically driven and ambitious clinical study examining the connection between prayer and healing. Does it work?

    Newswise - For the last three years, 700 heart patients, 20 hospitals, 50 heart surgeons and 12 prayer groups from England to Nepal have been taking part in the biggest multi-faith prayer experiment ever devised - all to answer the mysterious question, "can prayer heal?"

    Today, scientists from Duke University Medical Center presented results of MANTRA (Monitor and Actualization of Noetic TRAinings), a first-of-its-kind large-scale study, which could impact both the medical and religious communities.

    Now, Discovery Health Channel's cameras go behind the scenes to show viewers how the scientists prepare to discover if prayer can heal. CAN PRAYER HEAL? premieres Wednesday, October 22 at 8 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Health Channel.

    Dr. Mitch Krucoff, one of America's top heart surgeons, and Nurse Practitioner Suzanne Crater are at the helm of this revolutionary study and presented their findings during a medical meeting in Hawaii.

    CAN PRAYER HEAL? is produced for the Discovery Health Channel by BBC Worldwide Americas. Ruth Pitt is executive producer for BBC Worldwide Americas. Supervising producer for the Discovery Health Channel is Alon Orstein and executive producer is Donald Thoms.

    Discovery Health Channel takes viewers inside the fascinating and informative world of health and medicine to experience firsthand, compelling, real-life stories of medical breakthroughs and human triumphs. Currently in 46 million homes, Discovery Health Channel is the only 24-hour network and Web site - - devoted to what matters most - health.


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