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Dr. Milos Popovic: Pioneering Developments for Paralysis

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    OMG ffs guys!

    I can't believe Grammy is a she!

    This changes everything! Put 'em up Sebastian!

    Lol jokes aside I understand where Seb's coming from but we can't commend Grammy for her hard work enough. I've been following her research and advocacy site for a long time - and I HAVE to say I think her site is a central hub for ANYTHING SCI cure related. More so than CareCure. (CareCure is still great guys, given that we have the forums to talk to one another.) <--- this is mine humble opinion that thou shan't contesteth

    Her site has given my mum and dad alot of hope as they check her site out all the time to see what's new. Regardless we are at liberty to rebuttal anything she says if anyone one of us feel inclined to do so. It's good to challenge things as it keeps everyone on their toes. But I can whole heartedly say I am content in the reliability of her info, as she usually (if not always,) writes objectively as opposed to subjectively, and is absolutely always able to back her shit up with all original sources, articles and publications.

    Furthermore, regarding writing like a doctor or a scientist - I know what you mean; it can come across abit formal and clinical to the average layman, but it is what it is and how one SHOULD write (when discussing cure etc), and is a writing style and discipline taught in school, and perfected through practice.

    I can tell you I like cake, and not have to include articles/publications, and scientific literature on the effect of glorious cake, and get away with it as my own opinion.

    But I cannot tell you "this particular method or type of stem cell is THE way to cure SCI, the rest can fuck off," without BACKING UP my opinion.

    As for opinions, to each their own. Now can we all be friends and make out?

    And thanks Grammy for what you do, puts me to shame for lazing about or being in bed.

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      Originally posted by JoeMonte View Post
      Hello Grammy, You keep sending us all the information you want and decipher it too. I don't care what someones background is, along as I can follow what someone is expressing and understand it. All of us gain a lot of insight and knowledge thru others on this board whether we are Dr. or not. I feel many on Care Cure know more than doctors at times. The Care Cure communities research and comments are outstanding for us to learn. I enjoy and have learned so much about research and Sci thru individuals like you. So all I can say is Thank you and keep posting/commenting.
      well said.


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        Originally posted by Sebastiang View Post
        ... I have chose to spend my time bettering myself with my own doctorate degree rather than take the time that she has to do research as she has.
        Out of curiosity, what kind of doctorate?

        Originally posted by Sebastiang View Post
        But the simple reason for the question directed at her on whether she was a doctor or scientist and whether she has any advanced knowledge on this subject from being one of those titles because she often often writes as if she/he has it and is able to tell a person that they are wrong or that another person is misled or whatever.
        She is an adult who is literate and can communicate. She has taken time to read and learn a ton of information. She has proven she is more well informed than the average layperson.
        Originally posted by Sebastiang View Post
        People that read these posts need to know that this is a forum of laypersons, except Dr Young and Silver and whoever else can contribute that has these titles, and that their guess/opinion is no better than any other opinion here. So while it is easy for a person such as Grammy to invalidate a point or say that others are wrong, everyone needs to know that no one on these forums except Young/Silver know what is going on...
        Wrong. Plenty of people on these forums have a minimal education concerning curative research. However, there are more than two people who post here that have more than a basic understanding of "what is going on".
        Originally posted by Sebastiang View Post
        Sure we all have our opinions, but no one knows for sure, at this point. And the only person that can really refute an idea/opinion are the doctors and scientists, not a layperson.
        Where are you getting this logic? Any personal opinions Grammy posts are based off of articles or videos she has shared containing information from people doing the actual research. I have a Master's degree of science, four years of clinical experience, and will be starting my PhD in the fall. What are my opinions worth? If I discuss an article or study I've found online, are my thoughts on in worthless because I don't have the right letters after my name yet?
        Originally posted by Sebastiang View Post
        This is a forum of open ideas/opinions. Not a forum to try and prove others wrong or make yourself out to be an authority when you are not.
        When in this thread (or any other)has she done that?