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Spinal cord inj ury may respond to cancer drug

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    Spinal cord inj ury may respond to cancer drug

    This was on the BBC today:

    There is not much detail but some comments that mean that it would be interesting to know more:

    Mice treated with cancer drugs called nutlins recovered much more movement than those left untreated
    In the research on adult mice, the drugs stopped a particular series of proteins from interacting to restrict nerve growth.
    Normally used to suppress tumours, in the mice with partially severed spinal cords they were able to make nerves regrow in the affected area.
    This meant that 75% of the mice went from being paralysed to being able to walk on a ladder.
    Does anyone know anything about this?

    To bad I'm not a mouse...




        That was a video from a year ago about the PCAF gene paper published in Nature Communications.

        The abstract for the Nutlins cancer drug work for SCI was published in Brain HERE.

        Given that pharmacological antagonism of MDM2-p53 interaction including with Nutlins have been shown to induce tumour suppression and are currently being explored in the clinic for cancer treatment and have been shown to be safe (Brown et al., 2009), they may represent viable options for neuroregenerative therapy in the short-term. The recent discovery of specific small molecule inhibitors of MDM4 (Reed et al., 2010; Vogel et al., 2012), which are still awaiting confirmation in multiple studies, may also expand our regenerative therapeutic options.

        This medication was given to partial injury acute mouse intrathecal pump for 14 days. The next set of studies will be in rat because their spinal cords more closely resemble human than mouse. Even then, with success, they're saying it would be a decade before it's brought to the clinic.

        There are many labs working on the repurposing of cancer drugs for SCI...