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Experts probe use of stem cells to treat hockey legend Gordie Howe

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  • Experts probe use of stem cells to treat hockey legend Gordie Howe

    Interesting read... for real or BS propaganda? your thoughts...?
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    Thanks for posting the link. Nice to see Mr. Hockey wearing a Texas Tech polo.

    In general, people who suffer hemorrhagic strokes have a lower chance of survival than those who suffer ischemic strokes. If they survive though, a hemorrhagic stroke patient has a better chance of functional recovery than someone surviving an ischemic stroke. According to the article, Mr. Howe survived a hemorrhagic stoke.

    The company website says that they manufacture "cGMP, clinical-grade stem cells currently used in clinical trials for acute myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, cutaneous photoaging and ischemic stroke". Nothing mentioned about SCI.

    Addressing those considering a 30K out of pocket treatment, the Anesthesiologist who administered stem cells to Mr. Howe seems to be pretty straight forward about things:

    "It's called a patient-funded study and it is legal in Mexico, says Dr. Amescua.
    The clinic offer no guarantees and doesn't use the word "cure".
    Gordie had "an extraordinary response to a treatment but don't expect every patient will have the same result," says Dr. Amescua.
    Some patients probably will get better, some won't, says Dr. Amescua."


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      Got tgo Love Mr. Hockey!!!


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        I'm glad Gordie made a comeback and is doing well. His son being a doctor does lend credence to the story, really what choice did they have? It sounds like he was very sick and ready to check out. Do you think doctors are really concerned about how a patient that sick spends their money? Really, anybody out there have any feelings about all the warnings and angst from the doctors, the guy was dying. I think the cells helped him, and I'm glad they did. If this Spurs interest and funding it's positive


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          I'm glad to see more articles mentioning more than just the Tijuana clinic Novastem

          they might haveadministered them but
          made them.