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30-year-old Russian man volunteers for world's first human head transplant

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    He truly thinks outside the box. I too doubt he succeeds even if it were funded.
    Originally posted by paolocipolla View Post
    As far as I know he has no chance of success.
    Even if somehow he will find a way to try the transplant it will fail, but I don't think he will be able to try.



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      Cruel thing is that if this has even the smallest chance of actually being attempted, it would probably get more media coverage than the real SCI stuff taking place ...
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        He gave a long, rambling speech at the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic surgeons earlier this week in which he admitted that he knows how to cleanly sever the spinal cord but doesn't have a plan in place for repairing a severed anterior spinal artery or reattaching the head itself. He wants Bill Gates and other billionaires to give him money for research and to pay the surgeons,

        His quote for how to repair the severed spinal cord was " You cut the spaghetto, you apply PEG* , and boom"

        "Marc Stevens, an orthopedic surgeon from Smithfield, North Carolina who was attending the conference, said Canavero's presentation was intriguing but more research should be done on healing spinal cord injuries instead of attempting a head transplant."

        "Jerry Silver, a Case Western Reserve University neurosciences professor, cautioned that spinal reconnection science touted by Canavero was far from ready, noting the difficulties involved in reattaching the vagus nerve, which controls a variety of functions including digestion and heart rates."

        * Polyethylene Glycol

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          The surgeon has moved forward with a head transplant on a monkey.

          He went to the mainstream press before his scientific article is published in the reputable journal Surgery


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            A clinical trial for decapitation or a sicko drumming up publicity for his absurdity? Yuck!! I've heard of everything now... GROSS!


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              He terminated the monkey's life after post 9hrs. Saw video from a 1970's attempt - it was managing to grasp a straw in its mouth, have slow eye gaze/movement .. nothing else. Seemed paralyzed.

              I read that he did not attempt the spinal cord connection at this time just to prove that the rest could be patched and functional.

              The only thing this guy drums up is publicity of the need for a real treatment for paralysis ... so I don't mind that he's in the news. In that end, perhaps he'll be a pioneer, or a small piece of the puzzle.
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