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Beijing - CJO's Big Trip

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  • Beijing - CJO's Big Trip

    Well, in 18 hours I will be on my way to Beijing. Thank you to everybody that is wishing me well.

    Tim and Bob (the true pioneers) have paved the way and given great comfort to me and those that will be accompanying me overseas. It sounds as if the hospital staff is treating them as minor celebrities and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to that.

    I need to thank my angelic mother who will be caring for me. She never left my side for the four and a half months after my injury and has always been there for the last two years since I&rsquove been home. At least this trip is planned and won&rsquot be as long as the initial hospitalization.

    I'm not a pioneer and I'm not brave for doing this; I'm just like many of you who are striving for increased functionality to alleviate the obstacles that our spinal cord injuries have presented us with. There are no guarantees from this procedure. I'm not expecting anything from this procedure (like a 4 year old who EXPECTS presents from Santa Claus just because). Rather than expecting return, I will be hoping, praying, and working my ass off for it. My ultimate goal at this time is to gain enough function to have triceps and some use of my hands so that I may live independently. If that goal is not achieved this time around, I will continue to fight. I believe the solutions are out there.

    I would like to thank Dr. Young, Jeff, the moderators, the wonderful nurses, and all of the members of this site. Without finding you, I may have given up hope. It's truly been a pleasure over the last year.

    For those of you that are interested, I:

    Am a 25 year old male (turn 26 over there)
    Am a C5/6 (ever so slight wrist extensors) complete ASIA A
    Was injured April 13, 2001 in a motor vehicle accident
    Had an MRI done in February
    Have been in contact with Dr. Huang since February
    **I urge all new members with questions to do a little research on this site before asking Dr. Huang for information. The answers to most questions have been answered repeatedly. He's a very busy man.**

    My biggest concerns about the trip:

    A comfortable pillow
    The food
    Missing my Vikings games
    Missing friends and family

    To a certain young lady: whether it&rsquos 1 year, 2 years, or 10 years till they get this regeneration problem figured out - I'm still coming after you. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

    [Adding the photo so it doesn't get buried by future posts.]

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    CJO, Tim and Bob - you are all pioneers. You are all heros to all of us. You are all so very brave. Just imagine the hope that fills the hearts of all of us. Please take that hope with you as a gift for your continued bravery!

    As other types of procedures become available, we will need more like you.

    Good luck and Bless you!


      CJO - Your post brought tears to my eyes. As a mother of a daughter with a SCI, I certainly appreciated your lovely tribute to your Mother. Give her a hug for me.

      I am sending you my best wishes for a successful surgery with a "miraculous" recovery. I am glad that you will have fellow CareCure people there so you can all help to support each other.

      Good Luck to you CJO, Tim and Handibob. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


      "Miraculous only means to surpass the highest expected ability"!



        GOOD LUCK!! Keep in touch, and you're a lot braver than you give your self credit for. You're a person of humility and I admire that!


          Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us as you start this very important journey.
          And lots of luck to you, TimC and Handibob! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

          It is very encouraging to all of us to see the three of you taking personal action towards a cure. May positive results soon follow.


            I will also be hoping and praying for your recovery.
            I am so thankful to all of you guys for doing this. You guys to me are people we can all trust. It means alot to have "close friends", if by nothing else the # of times we log-in, actually going over there and basicaly testing this whole OEG thing out for us...I just wish there was more we could do for you and the others.
            All this negative PR BS Leo was subjected to is way beyond me.
            It's really too damn bad.

            GOOD Luck to the three of you and those who are soon to follow...
            posibly me??



              I wish you well and I will be following your updates closely. Thank you for sharing this important medical procedure that you are undergoing.

              Good luck!

              The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
              --General George Patton

              Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
              ––Paul Nussbaum


                Good luck and best wishes for your journey. I hope all goes well for you and this thing works for you too. You really are a pioneer for us, one of the first to have this done that actually can give us first hand accounts of their experiences with this, you have my respect for doing this. Again, good luck!


                  Good Luck Chris, I just added your Stats to my post in the Dr. Huang post which is featured at the top of the page. This will allow us to monitor any changes easily in everyone before and after the procedure. I will plan on adding everyone I know of from this site to this post who has the procedure done by Dr. Huang.

                  Good Luck, I should be going there too, but I chickened out. I think it is best to do Quads first anyhow. It is you guys who stand to gain the most as it could be the difference between living independantly and not. Hope the trip goes well over there. Take Care.

                  "Life is about how you
                  respond to not only the
                  challenges you're dealt but
                  the challenges you seek...If
                  you have no goals, no
                  mountains to climb, your
                  soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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                  "Life is about how you
                  respond to not only the
                  challenges you're dealt but
                  the challenges you seek...If
                  you have no goals, no
                  mountains to climb, your
                  soul dies".~Liz Fordred


                    CJO just wanted to tell you good luck.You are a pioneer and thank you.
                    "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." — Abraham Lincoln


                      Hey Chris,

                      My biggest concerns about the trip:

                      A comfortable pillow = wus
                      The food = wus
                      Missing my Vikings games = hell will freeze over 1st.
                      Missing friends and family = heart & spirit

                      luv ya, bud

                      "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
                      Gandolf the Gray

                      2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

                      "You kids and your cures, why back when I was injured they gave us a wheelchair and that's the way it was and we liked it!" Grumpy Old Man

                      .."i used to be able to goof around so much because i knew Superman had my back. now all i've got is his example -- and that's gonna have to be enough."


                        Dear Chris and Mom,

                        We look forward to your arrival and will do everything possible to help get you settled in quickly. They have rounded up a few of the English speaking nurses to assist us and language is becoming somewhat less of a problem although in the future it still might benefit them to have an interpreter on hospital staff. Those who speak a little English are anxious to learn more and enjoy practicing with us. It's kind of funny we all walk around with our English/Chinese dictionaries. Sometimes it takes awhile but we finally get the message across. If you like Chinese cuisine, you'll be in heaven here. The food is very good and very plentiful and if you crave a hamburger, they'll send out for a big mac for you. The only thing I miss is a really good cup of coffee in the morning. The coffee here is not very good so I've resorted to instant which doesn't quite cut it. Karen and I are hoping to get in a little bit of sightseeing while here. We were told that The Great Wall is a little bit far but the forbidden city and the summer palace are close and a must to see. We would love to have your mom join us. Today one of the nursing students who speaks English really well has offered to bring us to the "Silk Market" which I understand to be like a big open flea market type place. Should be fun. As for you Chris, be prepared to be somewhat under lock and key. The staff is very protective of you, watching you very carefully and accompanying you wherever you go. They are hesitant to let you off the hospital grounds because tey want to keep you well prior to surgery and they are concerned for your safety in your power chairs on the streets of Beijing. The drivers here whether on bicycle or in car are pretty reckless. If nothing else, it's an amazing cultural experience. Look forward to seeing you real soon! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

                        Stephanie(Tim's wife)


                          Im hoping to go in summer of next year! hearing all you guys talk about this makes me so anxious... I just wanna wish you all the best and good luck!
                          A CURE NOW!


                            Thank you Cjo for sharing this with us. I wish you the best, you deserve it dude as does everyone who's been cut down by this horrible injury. We'll be eagerly looking forward to your updates.



                              Good luck my friend! We all hope and pray this works out for you!