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    Originally posted by mrwilsonsfc View Post
    Not according to the study referenced in my previous post
    (1) Administration of sialidase to chronic spinal animals would be key to validation of sialidase as a therapy. (Not done yet to the best of my knowledge). The study was done on a moderate contusion T9 (200 kdyne) infusion at the time of impact on the animal (extreme acute).
    (2) They haven't tested encapsulation for delivery so it's unknown if it would perform as well as the results from the Bellamkonda lab in Georgia with trehalose or if they can maintain the same delivery dosage that gave them results by other means.
    (3) It could be that higher dose of chABC may also produce similar results too. (The paper does however find the appropriate dosage of sialidase to improve rat hindlimb function).
    (4) The functional data in this paper are striking, it would be interesting to see if these can be reproduced by other labs, (very necessary)
    (5) Continued sialidase funding from the NIH was denied. (Due in part to the poor federal biomedical funding environment in 2013-14).
    (6) I don't know of any company interested in pursuing sialidase as a therapeutic.

    Who knows, maybe eventually in future decades someone with a billion dollars will turn it into the next miracle drug for chronic sci, but for now I personally don't think this is a viable nor better alternative to get excited about anytime soon.
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