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Help Needed with Study into Proposed Reversal of Spinal Cord Injuries

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    Help Needed with Study into Proposed Reversal of Spinal Cord Injuries

    Please check out the 2 main threads(which now are locked) containing information about this study, titled:

    Dr Wise-Andrew Fletcher's Thread.

    Help Needed with Study Original Thread

    Alternatively, Use the FIND tool on the forum and use Andrew K Fletcher as a search term to locate everything I have posted.

    We are now in the process of conducting a simple free study, which is already producing results as predicted, since it began in April 03. We have a long way to go in order to convince people with spinal cord injuries that there is light at the end of the research tunnel.

    I have been researching the effects of gravity on spinal cord injuries since 1995 and have already proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that even complete spinal cord injuries dating back as much as 18 years can be reversed to some degree!

    I want to share my information with people suffering from spinal cord injuries in the hope that some of you may want to help me with my research, by assisting me with this important study.

    The intervention is non-invasive, does not involved drugs, has been shown to work! And needs to be tested on a larger scale now.

    My discovery is in how gravity drives the cerebrospinal fluid, induces nerve regeneration, and facilitates effective guidance to regenerating nerves. This is achieved by altering posture to make use of gravity and can repair a large amount of the damage in complete / incomplete spinal cord injuries. However, this does not solely relate to spinal function and a vast amount of other benefits have been reported, namely restored bowel and bladder function, increased metabolism, reductions in infections and particularly urinary infections. A general decreases in pain. However, during nerve regeneration, people have reported a temporary increase in pain.

    My work is currently under review by.

    Colleen Condon
    Information Specialist
    Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center. Though I am informed that under review does not mean under review for funding :-)

    My telephone number is 01803 524117 UK or +44 1803524117 int'l

    Address: Summer Haze, 26 Berry Drive, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 3QW, UK

    I can also be contacted on

    Initial publication of an introduction to my discovery and its implications can be found at the Institute of Physics

    Some information about my discovery and how it applies to people with spinal cord injury:
    Moose's Spinal Injury Forum

    Online Theory behind the therapy.

    Latest Press coverage:

    'Tilting' beds to save lives
    by Kirsty Turner

    MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher, of Paignton, says that his novel bed design could save the NHS 'a fortune' as well as giving people a far better quality of life

    A FORMER West Country engineer claims that his gravity invention will save thousands of lives and even alter our perception of evolution.

    Andrew Fletcher, of Paignton, has been battling for nine years to have his theory of gravity powered circulation recognised by the medical profession.

    His studies, which have cost around £13,000, protest that raising a person's bed a few inches with blocks of wood or ordinary house bricks can guard against life-threatening illnesses.

    The findings fly in the face of a widely-held consensus in the medical world which says patients' legs should be raised in order to assist circulation and varicose veins.

    But Mr Fletcher has been handed a major boost after Cambridge University included his findings on their science and plants for schools (SAPS) website which colleges use as part of their national curriculum.
    SAPS Page with Theory

    Now the man, who has waged a relentless campaign to have his voice heard, says that he is on the brink of blowing the general understanding of science and medicine out of the water.

    'I am overjoyed and extremely grateful that my findings have been used on this site and it is another huge leap towards gaining full medical recognition for my discovery,' he said.

    'I am now hoping that schools will help to test my theory and its simple tubular experiments with water flowing up instead of down.

    'I can see light at the end of the tunnel. This discovery will undoubtedly save countless thousands of lives and will even change our understanding of the evolutionary process as it will show that Darwin's natural selection is not the primary driving force but, instead, gravity dictates and drives evolution.'

    Director of SAPS Paul Beaumont said: 'He has some novel ways on how plants use gravity and we have alerted people to this resource.'

    Mr Fletcher's latest success is with a man from Brixham suffering from diabetes.

    Three years ago, the man was preparing to undergo laser eye surgery in an attempt to curb a long-standing sight problem.

    But having tilted the bed, the man's sight improved to such an extent that he decided to scrap plans of going under the surgeon's knife.

    'The results have been phenomenal,' said Mr Fletcher.

    'I have helped thousands of people suffering from many conditions and when the medical profession recognises the full implications of this theory, it will literally save the NHS a fortune.'

    His therapy system was developed after he discovered how gravity-driven circulation occurs within trees and subsequently applied the theory to the human body.

    According to Mr Fletcher, even the ancient Egyptians had inclined beds, mirroring his now tried and tested five-degree angle.

    A picture of an inclined bed, showing a simple modification that costs next to nothing.

    The bed needs to be raised no less than six inches/15cm's at the head end and preferably elevating to eight inches when you have become used to the incline.

    MSRC Report on inclined bed therapy for multiple sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injuries.

    This report was compiled independently by John and Jeen Simkins of The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre in Essex.
    Thread containing MSRC Report

    Polite note:

    If you do not agree with either my theory or approach to conducting this study, I respect your views and ask you to please ignore any posts on this thread and let us at least try to either prove or disprove my theory.


    [This message was edited by Andrew K Fletcher on 07-16-03 at 04:11 AM.]
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    Polite note:

    Andrew K Fletcher is not telling the whole truth.
    We are now in the process of conducting a simple free study, which is already producing results as predicted, since it began in April 03.
    His "study" has been taking place for eight years - not just since April. He has just come to the site because he is looking for participants because he has neither the money nor the credentials to carry out a scientific clinical trial.

    My discovery is in how gravity drives the cerebrospinal fluid, induces nerve regeneration, and facilitates effective guidance to regenerating nerves.
    Admittedly, some of your people have experienced changes due to gravity. If you claim that this actually causes nerve regeneration - I encourage you to present scientific data justifying this. I know you don't have it. For those of you that are new to this, I encourage you to ask Dr. Wise Young if gravity does in fact induce nerve regeneration.

    Andrew, perhaps if you presented this more scientifically instead of acting like a salesman by pitching your unsubstantiated claims, I would believe in this.

    I posted this not to attack you, but to point out to new members that you are making statements that are half truths or highly exaggerated. If you are completely truthful and have scientific proof to back up your statements, I will leave this alone. Until then, I will continue to nitpick your propaganda.


      You know I've been sitting here reading what you guys write and I can't believe this. This man is telling to try it if works for great if not sorry. My son Ryan has been sleepping on incline bed since Apr.1. And you know what he thinks that it is helping him. He dosen't take ditropan anymore and he is not leaking. His spasm have just about disappear, walking has gotten a lot better. And you know what it didn't cost anything. CJO you are willing to go around the world 1 or 2 segments would make you happy but will not not try something that cost nothing. And you just keep putting this down. Have you try it? Here is a video of Ryan on Apr.3 and on June24 he when from walking about 50ft to walking about 200. We were just out at PW another thing nobody believe in a year ago, Ryan is on there website walking aroun the gym. Oh yea Ryan was consider asia a t9.
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      "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." — Abraham Lincoln


        Another polite note:

        Andrew K. Fletcher, we know who you are, and of your "important study", why must you pollute this forum with threads like this that are basically SPAM. Perhaps you should get your own webhosting service and message board to promote your "important study" and let this board deal with more realistic topics. The last thing we need here are threads advertising miracle cures or "important studies" to cure anything from dry hair/brittle nails/insomnia/all the way up to and including SCI with one simple treatment.

        Thank you.


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          Please read carefully, I never said that it wouldn't bring about changes in some people. I'm very happy your son Ryan is walking. Do you attribute it to the inclined bed?

          Yes, I tried it. Yes, my wheelchair is set up as Andrew suggests. No, I haven't experienced any changes - not even half moons on my fingernails, which I am just dying to get.

          You should realize all injuries are different. Some people, no matter how hard they work, cannot walk like your son. Your son could walk 50 ft. about the time he started this. Is sleeping on an incline the ONLY thing he did until June 24th? I'm sure he busted his ass to continue to improve. Remember, reversed learned non-use has a factual, scientific basis while Andrew cannot backup his statements with data. To listen to him, it works on everybody.

          You are free to criticize my decision. Your son is a T9. 1-2 levels of function wouldn't mean much to him. I am a complete C5 ASIA A with no return of sensory or motor function. If I can gain two levels of function, it would potentially give me use of triceps, allowing me independent transfers. Pretend your son is in my situation - would you have him try it?

          You have made incorrect assumptions about me that I don't appreciate. You said I didn't try it. I've never doubted PW, for those with injuries that allow them to recover. I said in my previous posts that it does bring about changes. I'm happy for your son Ryan and I wish him continued recovery.

          Please point out any inaccuracies in my statements.



            The Importance of Gravity to our Health and Wellbeing, and its Relation to Rest & Sleep
            by Andrew K Fletcher...

            A tree loses over ninety five per cent of the water that it draws from the soil into the atmosphere via its leaves. In doing so the water is processed by evaporation at the leaf where dissolved salts from the soil and sugars produced at the leaf are retained and concentrated, while pure water escapes as vapour. This retained liquid, once exposed to the atmosphere during transpiration, absorbs dissolved oxygen, which the tree needs in order to produce further growth. (A similar process is evident in the lungs of mammals.) Any concentration of minerals suspended in water results in the production of heavier water. Heavy liquids produced in the uppermost parts of the tree must fall towards the roots because of the affect of gravity. But, for every action there must also be a reaction, and the reaction is that any downward flowing pulses of heavy mineral laden sap, will cause a far greater volume of a lighter, dilute solution, in adjoining tubes, to be lifted. Visualise the downward flowing sap as a liquid plunger. (Similar processes are evident in mammals) Furthermore, the internal pressures in the tree are altered by the downward flowing sap, which generates the positive pressure in front of the concentrated flow (phloem). While the negative pressure follows the flow in the return tubes or the (xylem), Which explains how water is sucked into the tree under a negative pressure and how roots are driven into the ground under positive pressures. Consider the roots and trunk as a continually extending sump and disposal site for the heavy downward flowing solutions. Some of which are used in the continuous cycle of growth, while any remaining heavy liquids which reach the roots are re-diluted by incoming water and flow back to the leaves having become lighter, drawn up by downward flowing concentrated solutions in a continual cycle. (Positive and negative pressures are also evident in mammals.)

            Andrew K. Fletcher, having degrees in both Biology and Nursing (I earned degrees in these subjects via extensive and structured post-secondary educational programs...meaning I learned this during 6 years of college, not 20 minutes of reading a biology book!) I am still amazed where you come up with some of this! Take the above quoted paragraph. You do a nice job of explaining your application of this theory to plants/trees and then simply put small phrases of the alleged applications of this theory to human physiology in parentheses. No explanation of the application of this theory to human physiology and anatomy, just vague statments like "human bodies work like this too!" in parentheses. To me that shows that either you have very little real knowledge of the human body, or that you underestimate the intelligence of your readers to read information and decide for themselves the validity of your claims. Perhaps you simply know alot more about gravity and plants than you do about the the human body and medicine.

            Either way, I feel there is no need to rehash old debate. It's recorded in the old threads, your wisdom, and our closed-minded responses, for all of posterity to see. You needn't rehash all the same "magic" again for the "benefit" of newer members of the board. Why not simply post a reminder that the "study" is still continuing (though I can't even imagine why, it cures so many things I would think you'd have volunteers beating down your door to help you w/ this simple yet cost free therapy).

            And please, don't patronize people by giving "polite reminders" not to post if we disagree w/ your ideas. Surely YOU wouldn't want OUR ideas to be censored in any fashion, would you?


              CJO I'm sorry that it didn't help you.

              "Remember, reversed learned non-use has a factual, scientific basis while Andrew cannot backup his statements with data."

              There are doctors that still don't believe in the drug MP {DR Young drug}. We were told that it dosen't work but we"ll continue with it. Treadmill training, Germany 1992 they show that it works still in trials. Just called today about Lokomat not even in trials still scientific trials.

              Man Cjo comes home walking from China that will be in trials for 20 yrs.

              "If I can gain two levels of function, it would potentially give me use of triceps, allowing me independent transfers. Pretend your son is in my situation - would you have him try it?"

              CJO I want you to go to China and come home walking. Nobody should be a quad. I wish.Because if it was my son I would do anything that I thought would help.

              "Is sleeping on an incline the ONLY thing he did until June 24th"

              No but he was walking the same for 4 months and then we raise his bed and he started to improve.
              "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." — Abraham Lincoln


                While surfing the net for other SCI resources, I came across this little gem...

                ************************************************** **********************************
                "I have been working with spinal cord injuries since 1995. I need more people on this study and hoping that you might find time to read the threads on the carecure forum. Please check out the thread titled Dr Wise-Andrew Fletcher's Thread also as Wise is interested enough to suggest that he tries to get The Reeve Irvine Centre For Spinal Cord Injuries, involved in a study where, half a ward take part and half are treated as normal."
                ---posted by AKF at

                ************************************************** **********************************

                So Dr. Wise Young is now supporting your study, huh? Dr. Young, I'd love to hear your view on this...


                  CJ Thank you for your post

                  Your post mentioning the length of time I have been working on this theory is valid, given that in this opening post, I have confirmed this and it is also mentioned in the Sunday Indy article on the same page.

                  I do not accept that I have exaggerated the improvements in people trying this who have a spinal cord injury. The case histories are factual! The people are real! And these recent developments posted by people on this forum are equally valid.

                  The Scientific proof I have is in the people I have helped, who are willing to be examined by the medical profession to determine the extent of their improvements. And given that their medical records are freely available in the UK, it would be very easy to compare before and after. But I can't make the medical profession take an interest in my work with spinal cord injuries. You tell me how I am supposed to present this scientifically, if the Scientifically qualified have no monetary interest in it? However, I have managed to convince the Physics Department at Plymouth Hospital to conduct a study into leg ulcer, thrombosis, varicose veins and oedema. Its a start! The gears of recognition turn slowly but the motion is always forward.

                  I was surprised to find that you have tilted your bed and modified your chair. When did you do this?


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                    You must have missed these posts by Wise.

                    posted Apr 09, 2003 05:27 AM
                    Andrew, thanks. I have seen your messages to me but did not have the time to respond.

                    It is good that you have been in contact with Maura Hoftadter at the Reeve-Irvine Center. I am puzzled by the response because this center is situated in a large VA complex with many SCI patients. Perhaps they would be interested in initiating a study where they can put blocks underneath half of the beds of the patients in their clinical unit. This would be a randomized trial of sorts. It should not be difficult or costly to assess the neurological recovery of the patients at a year after injury, since they probably have to do it anyway.

                    I assume that you have talked to the doctors at Stokes-Mandeville and other rehabilitation centers in England about this idea. If a conservative and skeptical English group were to come out in favor of this treatment, it will really catch the attention of the rest of the world.


                    posted Apr 09, 2003 06:40 AM
                    I am scheduled to speak at their SCI workshop there this summer and will talk to them about it. Regarding trying it on myself, I have a question. I generally sleep relatively few hours during the day and probably remain upright (i.e. typing on this computer ) probably 20 hours a day. If your theory is correct, spending more hours sitting up would have the same beneficial effect? Wise.

                    posted Apr 09, 2003 08:21 AM
                    In hospitals, it should be no cost to raise the head of the bed a couple of inches... Most of the beds have that. Wise.

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                      No AKF, I saw that post. It's been over 3 months since that was posted and we haven't heard anything new. I was looking for some input from Dr. Young on this. No doubt we'll hear from him when he is able to respond.



                        This paper was written for secondary schoool level science in plants. The reason it only mentions how it fits with human and animal physiology briefly is that the paper was not intended for use with these subjects and was restricted due to wordcount and subject by The National Curriculum Authorities here in the UK.

                        As for my main paper and more detailed information it forms my book titled The Gravity Of Life,Yet to be published and always under construction.


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                          I'm sorry, I can't help but think that this is not the long-term answer. Believe me, I'm open to all therapies, but ...


                            Seems to me this is a duplicate/repost is it not ????

                            LIVE IT UP AND LIVE IT LARGE!!!!
                            LIVE IT UP AND LIVE IT LARGE!!!!


                              Wise, could you please comment on this pub med article?

                              : Biomed Tech (Berl). 2001 May;46(5):124-8. Related Articles, Links

                              [Hemodynamics of the lower extremity with pneumatic foot compression. Effect on leg position]

                              [Article in German]

                              Pitto RP, Hamer H, Kuhle JW, Radespiel-Troger M, Pietsch M.

                              Orthopadische Klinik mit Poliklinik Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg Waldkrankenhaus, Rathsbergerstrasse 57 D-91054, Erlangen, Deutschland.

                              External pneumatic compression of the foot is being used more and more to increase the venous blood flow in the lower limbs and thus reduce the risk of postoperative deep venous thrombosis. We have investigated the efficacy of the foot pump pneumatic compression device (A-V Impulse, Novamedix, Andover, England) in 10 healthy subjects and in 10 patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty. The velocity of venous blood flow in the common femoral artery was measured in the horizontal, Trendelenburg (head-down, foot-up) and reverse Trendelenburg (head-up and foot-down) positions using a duplex ultrasound unit (Sonoline Elegra, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany) with a 5 MHz linear array probe. Application of the foot pump produced an increase in venous blood flow velocity in all healthy subjects and in all patients. In healthy subjects the mean increase in the horizontal position was 31.18% (SD = 15.86%), and in the Trendelenburg position 20.72 (SD = 15.69%) (right limb). In the reverse Trendelenburg position, the foot pump produced a mean increase of 94.08% (SD = 55.00%). The difference is statistically significant (p < 0.005). In patients with a total hip arthroplasty, the mean increase in the horizontal position was 28.67% (SD = 9.95%), and in the Trendelenburg position 20.34% (SD = 17.85%) (operated limb). In the reverse Trendelenburg, the foot pump produced a mean increase of 91.55% (SD = 42.38%). The difference is statistically significant (p < 0.005). There was no noteworthy difference in results between the controls and patients. Pneumatic compression devices designed to reduce venous stasis are effective in decreasing the rate of deep venous thrombosis after surgery on the lower limb. The results of the present study show that the efficiency of the foot pump in increasing venous return is improved by adopting the reverse Trendelenburg position. This may increase its thromboprophylactic effect.

                              PMID: 11413908 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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