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T12-L1 injuries

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  • T12-L1 injuries

    Dear friends,
    I'm beginning this thread because while I was running around from hospitals to rehab centers, I could meet a lot of people sustaining T12-L1 injuries.
    As inclusion criteria of clinical trials are often refusing to involve such level, I'm afraid those injuries will be left behind.
    I noticed that a lot of T12-L1 guys are having spasticity in their legs like higher levels, muscles are not always atrophied, and bladder not always flaccid and I frankly believe that you can have a T12-L1 injury with neurons from conus medullaris perfectly working.
    For example, I am T12-L1, every 2 days I'm cycling 30 minutes using my own legs muscles, waisting around 15 kcalories, which is suggesting me that the walking pattern inside my conus medullaris is perfectly working.
    I have a very good friend who's the same, so if you have a T12-L1 injury, please post and explain how things are going for you.
    I'm doing this because I believe that a T12-L1 para who has a conus medullaris intact has a very small injury so may be something can be done for them in a very near future.
    Best wishes to all

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    George, there was a thread similar to this a few years ago but it's always good to have new interest. You're right, I've met some T12's (I'm a T12) in the VA who are in wheelchairs and others who walk unassisted or with a cane. I'm able to walk with a walker or crutches. So, there is a lot of difference between injuries - one thing I learned on this site is that every injury is different. I have a flaccid bladder (I cath) an am flaccid in my calves and ankles and have no sensation in my butt and all the way down the back of my legs. Mike
    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003


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      Nice start George. Yes these injuries have been neglated but Wise is doing animal research on lumbosacral model. Let us see how soon he gives some updates and goes for clinical trials.

      I am also L1.