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    Schmeky and larwatson,

    This is exactly why I said somewhere that if I was an SCI clinician that I would work 8 days a week to replicate the method of culturing autologous OEG like they are in Australia. Then, we would have an ethical source of cells, a place to do it(Craig with their GLP lab), and money(several members here could pay for it).



      First,I don't kiss ass.

      Secondly I indicated medical degrees of which neither you nor I have but Wise and Bill do AND they're on our side. For that, yes I acquiesce to their knowledge base and understanding of ALL the issues relating to healing our conditions.

      Third, there is credence to professionalism, degrees, licenses, etc. Larwatson and WJM are attorneys. Would I feel as confident asking them a finance related question when I in fact have been working in it professionally for 15yrs? No. But a law question, yes - certainly. They have demonstrated knowledge and integrity. Same goes for Wise and Bill.

      Sadly, if after all this time you still mistrust Wise for example on an sci related question then who's at fault? Imo, you are. Your comments slow the process down when you bite the hands that are trying to help you the most. Why don't you get that?

      Fourth, I'm willing to bet that I've done more in 3yrs to promote the URGENCY factor than you have in 10. Is that bragging? No. Simply, I want it more than you do in as much as I'm actually committing time, money, and energy towards the cause. What is it again you're doing to further progress? Clucking all day long how some company or some scientist peed in your Cheerios 1,3,5,7,10 yrs ago. Get over it and yourself.

      Finally, this sci cure related issue is much bigger than you, me and everyone else here. Therefore we must trust in the leadership, help steer it in the right direction - clinical trials, etc. - fund it aggressively and put ourselves in the position to be healed.

      Later little buddy.


        Cjo, Schmeky, Larwats, Yes, clinical trials here in the U.S. of OEG would be great.

        However, to me, it looks like this;

        OEG is no BFD unless the FDA gives it it's SOA. Otherwise anyone wanting to attempt an OEG trial would be SOL.

        It took Proneuron a long time to get where they are. Short term, our best bet lies in the data to be gathered from Brisbane and Huang and others. An overseas road trip would be in order long before the same was replicated here.

        I'm praying that the data is overwhelmingly positive.


          Third, there is credence to professionalism, degrees, licenses, etc. Larwatson and WJM are attorneys. Would I feel as confident asking them a finance related question when I in fact have been working in it professionally for 15yrs? No. But a law question, yes - certainly.

          and when you have a question on being a strong fighter and fight for what you believe in, come to me. because that kiss up teachers pet attitude you have is not helping. the sci community have enough and way too many passivist. right or wrong what we need is noise and i have made noise.


            This has been a great read, can someone feel the testosterone flowing? [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] two eye's on the goal and third eye well......

            2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

            "You kids and your cures, why back when I was injured they gave us a wheelchair and that's the way it was and we liked it!" Grumpy Old Man

            .."i used to be able to goof around so much because i knew Superman had my back. now all i've got is his example -- and that's gonna have to be enough."



              I know you will not agree, but I believe DA brings a special type of insight to the forum. If we all thought/felt the same, this site would not be near as stimulating or thought provoking.

              10 years from now, it will not make any difference. . . .


                public outrage gets results. passive sissyness makes us a door mat.


                  Chris I have to disagree with you about the doctors who deal with sci. If we would have listen to them Ryan would still have a foley cath in and not peeing on his own. The same thing with his bowels and he started two weeks after he came home from rehab. He was telling them he could tell when he had to go but nobody would listen to him. Wife and I were so worry about him that we just listen to these people. And this is from Thomas Jefferson and Magee, which they told us they were the best [a lie IMO]. We had him crawling and walking in a walker and riding a bike now he was not doing any of this very well but he was doing it. Oh yea they consider him a complete injury even after we told them about this. All that the outpatient told us was wait till his legs to jello{25" thighs and 14.5' calf's]. So to us the professionals know nothing
                  "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." — Abraham Lincoln


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                    I have to agree with foster in that not all doctors know the best courses of action. I would still have a trach if I had listened to my respiratory doctor at Craig. I was smart enough to know that my breathing problems at night were caused by the elevation and not sleep apnea. I insisted that they remove it and I have been fine in the lower altitude.

                    How many professionals still insist that we will never walk again?


                      I'll 3rd that heh.

                      "Failure is impossible"
                      "Failure is impossible"


                        DA, noise to whom? Hopefully someone that matters and who you trust and respect. A passive sissy? Look in the mirror.

                        Schmeky, If you re-read my post a couple of days ago I said that I respected him. I don't think he's capable of the same since he's been posting on Care/Cure for 2 plus yrs with the same bitchy, whiny attitude. It does nothing for progress.

                        Foster, when did I mention or even indicate all sci docs? I was talking/defending Dr. Young and Dr. Rainey directly. I agree that 95 percent of sci docs are generally behind the knowledge curve but obviously there are a select few who are clearly and definitively knowledgeable and leading us.


                          their you go again phebus with your sissyness style. we should be good little quads and keep our mouth shut. but i won't. i have a question

                          we are 1 month away from 2 years since oeg started trials outside the usa. 2 looooooooooong years. how come mighty high tech usa cant do the trials after 2 looooong years? where is all the high tech?

                          OMG, i questioned the establishment. i should be jailed. i should be flogged. i should be broken on the rack. i am swine. i am wretch. i dont deserve to live among the cilivilized. right phebus?


                            DA, neither Phebus nor most of the Cure Forum posters have ever advocated silence or apathy, you know that.

                            You also know that the SCI research community has historically lacked funding and support which has only recently begun to change. Good things are happening, progress is being made.

                            Of course you shouldn't be flogged for questioning the establishment but perhaps your chagrin could be put to better use. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


                              DA - Chris Lewis - name calling is childish. Noone here is a passive sissy.

                              OEG trials have not been FDA approved here in the U.S. However, I'm sure that with your persuasive charm you should have no problem convincing them.

                              Noone has ever said to be quiet and a 'good little quad'. Where do you conjur up this crap?

                              I think you're foolish. All this energy and you waste it pointing fingers. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own cause?

                              Enjoy your time in 'its someone else's' problem land. You'll be sitting and waiting a lot longer than you already have.


                                As usual, I agree with Da.
                                We have to keep the pressure on and not become good little folowers. Remember, noisy wheels get the grease.

                                Why don't you guys write an email to Senator Judd in New Hampshire and ask him to support Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act.