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Stem cell-based clinical trial for spinal injuries on the way

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  • Stem cell-based clinical trial for spinal injuries on the way

    "Sapporo Medical University said Friday that it will launch the nation’s first clinical trial for using stem cells to regenerate nerves in people with spinal cord injuries.
    A team including professors Toshihiko Yamashita and Osamu Honmo will solicit about 30 examinees for the trial, which will last until October 2016.
    The team will collect bone marrow fluid from patients who have sustained spinal cord injuries within the past two weeks, extract mesenchymal stem cells that develop into nerves from the fluid, and cultivate them in large quantities to make a preparation that will be intravenously injected into the patients."

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    Extremely Acute treatment
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      Yea but at least it's a start.


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        Perhaps the most interesting part of this article is they're talking about a proposed trial that may start in 2017 with an IPS cell.

        ~~A team including Keio University and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co. plans to start an iPS cell-based clinical research project in 2017 as part of a science ministry program for promoting regenerative medicine.


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          double post. Forum loading slow.