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Would donating my body to science help the cure cause?

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    Would donating my body to science help the cure cause?

    I'm updating my will and was wondering if donating my body to science would help the cure cause. I'm 15+ years post and incomplete C7. If so, is there a specific instructions I should give the cornener? And what facility or organization do I name to take my remains?


    To my knowledge, at the present only the Miami Project has an active program of studying injured human spinal cords in the United States. If anybody knows of any other programs, I would like to know.

    The paucity of places that will take human spinal cords is not because scientists are not interested but most scientists just do not have the facilities or the personnel to handle donated bodies and to deal with the remains. It is an expensive proposition to have personnel be on 24-hour standby, to arrange for the shipment of the body, to take the spinal cord out, to preserve it, and to do the appropriate studies.

    The American Paralysis Association issued a request for proposals for such a facility about a decade ago and awarded funds to Mt. Sinai in New York and Miami Project for this purpose although I am not sure that this funding is continuing. Miami has probably collected several dozen spinal cords. The two largest collections of injured human spinal cords are in Australia (Perth) and the U.S. Navy (Washington, DC), respectively with over 500 and about 200 spinal cords.



      Wise Young:

      Can they not simply stick the bodies with some med student education place, and train some people there special for this?
      That they do the preparings?
      And then some experts going there and doing the research, maybe with the support of older students who for the course get some paper thingie?

      ((Here in Berlin I heard a Free University place might have up to 80 corpses or so stored there at the time.

      With the Humbold University I don't know, but I assume at least dozens.

      From the few times I out of curiosity watched med students cutting in corpses courses, it was not my impression that always all corpses are straight used.
      They seem to stick them into what here seems called Formalin, and that preserving them for quite a while.))

      At least an FU institute where such prep courses are done, seems to also research into various other aspects.
      And I asume some persons could be found in a place like such,
      finding such other researches interesting enough,
      that if their university researchers and maybe parts of the students get enough participation in the research projects,
      that there might be interest in the cooperation and enabling use of parts of their facilities for this.



        Acid, there are companies who specialize in preparing bodies for dissections, etc. There is actually a book about it called Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. It is very interesting reading. Wise.