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    a change

    well i have seen that the website has changed. that a good start
    Cindy Waters
    mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
    injury march 2003

    Originally posted by waters3
    well i have seen that the website has changed. that a good start

    what changes would you like to see when it comes to a cure?

    I too want see many changes as I have posted many times, If we agree on something it could be a start...

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      The website... She was saying that the website changed and that is a good start. Nothing to do with changes toward a cure... Please stop playing and twisting people's words around, this is what many of your posts are based on. The change I'd like to see is definitely for you to please stop doing this as it is misleading and annoying.
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      ― DaShanne Stokes

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        waters3 is my Mom, my Mom was the op... She doesn't visit as much as me
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