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    who out there thinks they will be out of their chairs in the next 5 years or sooner??

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    I know a guy name Ed and when he was in the hospital they told him there would be a cure in 10 years. It has now ben 7 that leaves 3 left
    I have been hearing alot about a cure in 5 years since I was hurt 2 years ago that leaves 3 left. Me and him always laugh about it that in 3 years we are going to be up and walking.
    do I believe it though? No. Do I hope they prove me wrong? for sure.


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      I think there's an outside chance if OEG's turn out to be very effective.

      I reckon for a 5 year time frame the treatment can only include things in human clinical trial now - I can imagine in my wildest dreams that OEG, 4AP and treadmill training with much excercise could be available in 5 years. This could get many of us walking.

      But on the other hand these things seem to move a snail's pace.


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        That's funny, shorty--

        Bruce and I were talking about this a couple of days ago, and I said I think it's three years away. What's weird is he's one of those "walking quad" people now, 2 yrs post. I told him I thought what will happen is he'll keep getting better, tiny bit by tiny bit, and then in 3 years some chronic will-boom!-be the one who gets it all back. And that will change the world. Again. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


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          I was told by the president at the time of the APA, that I'd be in my chair 5 years tops cuz fetal tissue was gonna be the cure. This was 10 years ago, so double his timeline and were still not much closer. I don't know what will happen in the next 5 and no one has a crystal ball. Hopefully there will be therapy's to restore some function in the next 5 but I'm not counting on it.


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            Pessimism not allowed. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

            Guys, a cure could be brought to market within 3 years if funding was increased. There are a lot of good ideas out there that weren't out there 10 years ago. SCI research is in a much better place today. The passage of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act bill would bring millions more to research which is all we need right now because the cure is already here. (I sound like DA now hehe.)

            We should try to get the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Bill passed, if not in 2003, at least in 2004. If successful, this should provide approximately $100 million per year for paralysis research with an emphasis on spinal cord injury. By the way, the actual funding of spinal cord injury research will increase much more than $100 million because the infrastructure will be able to compete successfully for more NIH funding through competitive peer review.
            Please check out the "Some musings" thread for ways to contact your reps. and urge them to pass this bill.


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              There's nothing wrong with sounding like DA - we need the optimism [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img].


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                seneca you took the words right out of my mouth.


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                  Lets say the Cure is announced in five years time. OK then what, who will be the first to get treated? There are 300 000 sci-sufferers in USA alone. If 100 neurosurgeons operates 1 patient each everey day, monday to sunday, then 36 500 patients will be treated yearly, and the last in line sometimes in 2016. The cure is coming. But besides from being a medical challenge it will also be a logistical.


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                    The first ones to be treated in the US will be those who a)kept themselves in fairly good condition and b)got BIG FAT SETTLEMENTS for their injuries.
                    Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?