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Dr. Murray Blackmore receives grant from U2FP partnership

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    Dr. Murray Blackmore receives grant from U2FP partnership

    Murray Blackmore, an assistant professor in the College of Health Sciences, received a $90,000 grant to continue research on therapeutic genes that he hopes will aid spinal cord regeneration.
    Unite 2 Fight Paralysis, an organization run by and for people with spinal cord injuries and their families, presented Blackmore with the grant Monday in his lab in Schroeder Complex.
    “Spinal cord injury is an incurable affliction that affects hundreds of thousands of people in the United States with paralysis and loss of sensation,” Blackmore said. “Our lab is dedicated to discovering new therapeutic approaches to treat spinal cord injury.”
    Blackmore said the grant will allow him to buy a highly specialized microscope that allows images to be quickly analyzed by computer algorithms.
    “As we search for new therapeutic genes, we first test their efficacy in nerve cells that we grow in culture dishes,” Blackmore said. “The key importance of this grant is that it dramatically accelerates the pace at which we can test the effect of new candidate treatments – it’s a game-changer.”
    Blackmore said that before the introduction of the microscope, researchers had to analyze individual cells to make a conclusion about whether the treatment was effective. He said that with the microscope, he will be able to analyze hundreds of cells and analyze their shape in a matter of minutes.
    “The microscope opens the bottleneck, so now instead of focusing on a handful of candidate genes, we can test hundreds or thousands,” Blackmore said.
    Blackmore also said his research comes from the heart, and although he respects science for the sake of knowledge, the purpose of his research is to find a cure for spinal injury patients.

    The article and Dr. Blackmore's research can be found HERE:

    Rebooting the Growth Machinery:

    Questions and Answers with Dr. Murray Blackmore:
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    glad to see you guys were able to do this

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      Great Job!!!


        Originally posted by Leo View Post
        glad to see you guys were able to do this
        We were thrilled with the partnership efforts of the SCI Sucks Foundation. Those marathon runners and rollers made all of this possible. Dr. Blackmore along with the Dept. Chair and the Dean of Marquette University were so excited to get the equipment. It was an extraordinary day in Milwaukee! We can also thank the U2FP Scientific Advisory Board which was critical in making the decision to throw jet fuel into the most critical areas of research that Dr. Blackmore is attempting.

        We were able to attend a scientific presentation given by Dr. Blackmore in addition to a tour of his laboratory and the upgraded surgical suite that was remodeled and enlarged for his research team. We will be posting a lab report on the U2FP site in the coming days.
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          Got to love U2FP
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            Fantastic news!! Anything that speeds the process up is great. Thanks U2FP and SCI Sucks!
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              well done GRAMMY - keep going girl


                Thank you!