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Screws & the spinal canal. Question for Dr. Young

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    Screws & the spinal canal. Question for Dr. Young

    Dr. Young

    I recently viewed one of our client's CT scans of his rod & screw placement. The surgeon had put several of the screws through the spinal canal, effectively cutting the volume by 50% or more. Wouldn't this have severely damaged his spinal cord? If not, wouldn't this CAUSE compression of the cord? He confronted his doctor with the films and the doctor's response was "That's the way it's done, and besides it's below your injury site so it doesn't matter." Is it common for the screws for rods to be screwed through the spinal canal? This just seems so preposterous. If this guy had a chance to recover, hasn't this just made it a 1000 times harder or impossible for him to?

    Thank you for your time.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walk

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

    Eric, if what you describe is true, that would be hard to justify. The screws should not encroach on the spinal canal. The person should get another surgical opinion. Wise.



      I had an MRI done with rods in.
      It appeared that my screws were also in the canal.
      The area around my rods was much darker then the rest of the MRI.
      That was because an MRI uses a magnet and it causes a shadow.
      The screws look like they are entering the canal..but it is just a shadow!!


        I believe I have the same problem. Looking at some recent MRI's my doctor and I noticed my cord seemed to be compressed. I am in the process of setting up decompression surgery but have many questions before I actually go through with it. I have two screws that look like they are compressing my cord. One question I have is whether the screws could just look like they are compressing my cord but actually are screwed in at an angle, thus hitting all bone and only appearing to be potruding into the spinal canal on my MRI's? If they are actually compressing my cord, it seems to me, that this is malpractice by my original surgeon!



          maceyka....i too need decompression surgery but i can't find anyone to do it.
          i met with heads of surgery of major centers. i keep getting the "many people live long normal lives with a compressed cord" speech.


            DA...I found a doctor in another state, 6 hrs away (Dr. Charles Griffin.) I found him when I was searching for a doctor to prescribe 4AP. I got his name from "chastev8" in a post on this web site. He has MS and takes 4AP himself. Unlike most neurologists, he keeps up with a good bit of the latest research. After looking over my old MRI's he suggested I get new ones due to the lack of clarity. He called his people while I was there and set up an appointment for me immediately. I went straight there from the doctors office and was done in no time! He also gave me a prescription for 4AP! If anyone is close enough to Tifton Georgia, I would highly recomend seeing him for any neurolgical issues!

            After he was able to look over my new MRI's he suggested I see a speacalist at Emery University to do the decompression surgery. Oh, and DA, don't take no for an answer...keep looking!

            Chastev8...if you're reading this, thanks for the info!

            Red_1_Canada...who told you about this "shadowing" and did you get a second opinion?

            Has anyone else heard of "shadowing?"