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The healing power of electricity

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  • The healing power of electricity

    Saw an article in New Scientist (28 Sep issue, Frontiers section, p15) which went something like this - all our bodily functions are electric, so if the right voltage is applied at the right places the body can be made to heal itself. The focus of the article was successful healing of an eye disorder, but there was mention of "a group of scientists in the US are gearing up for human trials of this technique for spinal cord injuries after achieving astounding success with animals".
    Which group is likely being talked about here? Indiana?

    Sorry couldn't find an online version of the article.


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    scenar device

    they may have been talking about the scenar device. We are going to get one for our clinic. I'll write back about our results in a few months.

    janis allen
    janis allen


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      Iyerraj, check out the trials going on at Purdue University. I believe that this is what you're referring to. Using the 'search' function above and inserting "Purdue" may yield you some results.

      Also, check out the clinical trials forum. This trial btw is probably a year or so old. Started with dogs and now humans.

      I'm giving you broad strokes, call them for more detail or search their website at (search; spinal cord).

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