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questions on Suspended Treadmill Training

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  • questions on Suspended Treadmill Training

    Could anyone here who has given this a try please share a bit of info?

    Specifically with Lokomat or other very high tech machines but any suspended treadmill training at all would be interesting.

    I am wondering how fancy robot walking systems deal with spasticity?

    I am also wondering how difficult it would be to use something like a Lokomat NOT on a treadmill. That is to actually functionally walk instead of using wheelchair? It could be a great interim solution... anything is better than a wheelchair in my opinion.

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    the movie A.I.

    When I saw the movie by Stephen Spielberg called A.I., I was already in my chair.
    In that movie there is a boy who has some form of external FES leg braces that allow him to walk around. After I saw that I spent about tow days serfing the web and found nothing of that sort.

    If they do exist I'll sell my truck to buy em!

    Let me know if you find something interesting.


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      Lokowut? (brand name?)

      don't know what you're looking for, but the treadmill is the trip, but kinda weird, especially if you're quad. 2 physios moving your legs, one controlling your hips/gait from behind, another on the switches... makes you feel like a rag doll marionette. especially when you're watching yourself in the mirrors.

      the same rehab center also had an apparatus which could suspend you in mid air, so that the patient could walk, and a therapist would steer the thing. looked like a large & tall transfer lift but with a parachute-type harness. i also remember seeing a similar suspension unit in a Miami Project video, but from a ceiling track.

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      ~Velcro holds my life together~


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        MKow~I will probably be participating in the Lokomat thing. MOstly to get my sorry self outta this chair (at least for a while!), and also to try and reduce the spasticity I have in my right leg. From what I was told, WHILE you're doing the training, it really helps spasticity -- BUT -- after you stop, you're legs will be much bigger and stronger and the spasms could be stronger, too. Makes sense.

        Just gotta weigh the pros w/the cons, I guess.

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          Don't know about Lokomat but.......

          I did harness/treadmill as Meson described at
          the Miami Project for a 3 month study 1 1/2
          years ago. It really had a lot of benefits and
          some stayed,balance and reaching ability. See Andrea's
          post in Care regarding Lokomat.It was 1 hr. 3 days
          a week and I think more benefits would show with a
          much more rigourous schedule.



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            thanks for the feedback.

            I am quite serious about opening up a "Project Walk North" up here in Toronto. I am not sure how I could finance a Lokomat machine as well as some FES bikes though...

            are there more reasonably priced alternatives to Lokomat? I do NOT want to do a simple harness & treadmill with 3 or 4 PTs sweating all day long. A robotic approach makes much more sense in my opinion.

            Anyone here try Laufbaum system? Any other systems?
            "Oh yeah life goes on
            Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

            John Cougar Mellencamp


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              there is also a machine that will be going into production next Jan.(2003). It is called the autoambulator. From what I have learned it is about 1/2 the price of the lokomat therapy machines. These types of machines are designed to take the PT fatigue out of the equation. Do a seach on this site. Good info on this machine available.btw -A-, hope you are accepted, and all of your hopes from this type of therapy come true.


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                look it up here, distibuted by healtsouth. bob