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Anyone ever heard of Dr. Himanshu Bansal or Dr. Alok Sharma stem cell treatment?

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    I took my son to see Bansal in oct 2014 (he was 10 months old at the time)
    having read the reviews online an his Mothercell research company I doubted how this man could be a fraud.
    i emailed him and received a response with everything I needed to hear having researched so much about stem cell treatment. Bansal offered my son the treatments and said it was either $1500 - $3000 or $5000 depending on what we could afford and obv he said the more expensive treatment yields better quality as he passes the blood more ect ..... Looking back this should have been a major warning sign for me but I was desperate!
    we agreed 3 treatments of $5000 each and we were to fly out to New Delhi for 3 weeks as we had to wait 1 week in between treatments.
    so on arrival we made our way to the hotel and Bansal or his assistant 'girish' (who I never met and only spoke to on the phone yet he sounded exactly like Bansal) called me on the room phone and said he needed to send someone to collect my sons blood sample . So that night a guy turned up at the hotel and took his blood , all seemed very unprofessional .. We then had to pay the guy ?10 for the sample and the results would be emaile to me!
    so on the day of the procedure we got a taxi to Kalra hospital in kirti nagar area of New Delhi .. Anyone who has been to New Delhi will know how poverty struck it is but kirti nagar was on another level it was horrible... We reluctantly entered the hospital it was like stepping back 100 years in time I felt sick with worry... NOBODY knew who we were or was expecting us , Bansal told me his assistant 'surjeet' would meet us but he was not there.... Anyway finally surjeet arrived and took us to a room but he did not speak any English so we sat there... Then an hour later Bansal arrived and seemed very relaxed ect and I thought he must know what he's doing as the nurses seemed to know what stem cell treatment was.
    after signing the disclaimer he asked me for the full $15000 , I said I thought it was $5000 per treatment and he said he needed it all up front to cover costs.. I knew this was bull shit as India is so poor how could that amount of money be needed. I must add at this point my blood was boiling, I was in the centre of hell on earth with my wife and 10 month old son and I did not feel calm or safe about the situation at all but we had come so far and how could this not be correct as this man has performed this procedure on hundreds of people.
    so they took my son and did the bone marrow extraction from his hip and brought him back to the room, I was so worried then an hour later surjeet came and put the IV of stem cells into my son.... Then a couple of hours later Bansal injected behind my sons eyes and into his spinal fluid with no anaesthetic !! My son was sobbing his Heard out and I just wanted to punch bansals lights out.
    finally the day was over , or was it.... Surjeet got in our taxi to the hotel to get the other $10000 and then asked for a tip and wanted me to pay for his taxi back! I was so emotionally drained from the day I just wanted him away from me but the more I reflect I should have kicked him out the taxi and not handed over any more money.

    a week later we went back for eye injections and spine injections but this time they gave my son some syrup to make him sleep which worked thank god. When we were there we met another patient of Bansal from the U.S. he also had vision problems and Bansal was charging him $10000 PER TREATMENT!!!! How can this be it is so obvious he is in it for the money and not the cure! Anyway a week later we got our final treatment and I could walk away and not look back...

    whikst i I was in a hotel taxi I was talking to the guy and he put me in touch with a women who took her daughter to Bansal the year before and had to results only the horrible memories of what he put her daughter through!

    ever since this experience I have questioned my decision to take my son to India (Himanshu Bansal) as I honestly don't think it has helped my son at all, I have not once had an email asking how he is doing or if he has improved all I have is mental scars! Luckily my son was too young to remember . He is now almost 2 years old and is a very happy little boy but I must warn people not to put their loved ones through what we went through .


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      Hi Nath1505

      Im sorry to hear about your experience. I know of many people in the same boat as us. So far 10 people have contacted me. He is a fraud and must be warned. Feel free to contact me on