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1. Patient treatet with stemcells in Denmark (not SCI) but have a look.

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    1. Patient treatet with stemcells in Denmark (not SCI) but have a look.

    I thought this might interest some of you. - I think it's a good sign that things are happening.

    Do bare with me and the Google translation.

    A syringe of stem cells from the patient himself may be way out of stressful chronic pain for a 18-year-old woman with worn spine.

    Instead of a long and demanding back surgery, the woman received two injections at Aarhus University Hospital with a few million stem cells.

    The procedure took just 20 minutes. Stem cells are now starting to rebuild two destroyed tapes discs in the lower part of the woman's back. The plan is that she could feel the difference a few months.

    The doctors from Aarhus University Hospital, which is behind the development of the revolutionary method where the patient's own stem cells regenerate the damaged tissue in a smashed discs that act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae.

    "The operation has great prospects. Both the 18-year-old woman, but also for others with similar back problems, "says MD. Cody Bünger, MD, Aarhus University Hospital and professor at Aarhus University.

    "She will be able to function normally, get an education, get jobs and not be frequent visitor at the hospital and by your own physician. Moreover, the interference so gently, that we will be able to treat patients who previously would not be offered an operation, "he said.

    Cody Bünger estimates that about 1,000 Danish patients a year could benefit from the new treatment.

    The new treatment was developed in close collaboration with Michael Bendtsen, MD and PhD at the University Hospital. Here you have grown the stem cells, which the woman was injected into the spine.

    They were taken out of her lap four weeks before the injections took place.

    "Together with the hospital, we have found a method that makes these stem cells live longer than before. This has important implications for the ability to rebuild damaged parts of the body, "says Cody Bünger.

    The treatment was approved by the Ethical Council in 2009 and has previously successfully performed on pigs.


    "we have found a method that makes these stem cells live longer than before" is also interesting?

    Kind regards.
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    Nice. It's a sign that good things are happening, thanks for catching this. I like good news.
    Dennis Tesolat

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      topperf this is indeed good news. Stem Cell treatments are moving forward with good outcomes. this is using stem cells the doctor from Texas is building up discs using 2 compounds with 87% success rate. I've actually apllied to get this treatment A couple of discs in my lower back are beginning to give me problems. Hopefully we will see something for spinal cord deficeinces soon. Anthony
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        I think this the guy