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cure-where do u get your numbers?

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    cure-where do u get your numbers?

    for the last while i have been reading on the board "a cure is coming" kinda reminds me of one time when i saw a guy on the street corner with a big cross saying god is coming. that was awhile ago, and well...i havent seen god yet
    of course this guy didnt speculate specifics, and hence the specifics for *when the cure is coming* has not really, in essence, been set out yet. it seems to change from week to week day to day.

    but one thing seems to be obvious, you all seem to think -atleast most of u- that a cure is on the way. Even if we all cant agree when. but the real question that makes me wounder is where does everyone get thier numbers? from doctors? from this forum? from friends? from tv and media? from what? or is it simply faith that one day somehow, somewhere, someone has got to figure this SCI stuff out and its gotta be soon.

    or maybe was it 5 years ago people were saying that "five years from now there will be a cure" then 5 years later it didnt happen so they decided to say "well they are going to figure it out it didnt happen in the last 5 years but its gotta happen in the next five"

    so tell me where you getting your numbers from?

    An easy suggestion

    Instead of looking through all of the various posts and forums for answers I would pick a topic a little more focused like "restorative therapies" within the search feature above and see what comes up. Then start reading.

    Without your being more specific Shanna its hard to know what you're looking for exactly, timelines? statistics? dates? trials? etc.

    Can you be more specific?

    Onward and Upward!


      i am not looking through the posts for answers for i am not dumb enough to believe that there are any cus if there were answers would i be in this chair sitting infront of this computer? no, hell no.
      what i want is to know where you all get your numbers from? because i have heard nothing about a cure in the outside world from doctors and people. the only time i hear of one is when i come on here. and even then everyone has thier own ideas of when it is coming. 5months 5 years? i dont care cus i know it wont happen in my life time and i dare the world to prove me wrong.
      but when you read topics like "preparing for the cure" and others like it, it kinda makes you stop and think WHAT CURE? WHERE ARE U GETTING AN IDEA THAT THERE IS ONE COMING AND HOW DO YOU INDIVIDUALLY DECIDE WHEN IT IS COMING?
      or is it more like those religious people who claim god is coming...merely a faith that keeps us going


        "i dont care cus i know it wont happen in my life time and i dare the world to prove me wrong."

        Nobody is going to knock on your door and FORCE you to get out of your chair. I dare you to prove the world wrong... and recover. It will take a big push from medicine & a lot of hard work (ie: gait training, etc) and time but it can happen.

        If you are 70 years old that may be a different story.... but that vast majority of us are less than 70 years old and will see substantial functional regeneration in our lifetimes. Some of us guinea pigs will be seeing it in the VERY near future. Some of us may wait longer.

        I KNOW I'll be out of this chair soon and I base my beliefs on facts.

        1. Significant functional improvement (ie: walking) has been proven on rats over and over. They have been walking since 1996 (Cheng & Olsen)
        What works on rats USUALLY works on humans. That's why we do rat experiments.

        2. Many places are now doing OEG, Stem Cell, Growth factors on humans today and many more are moving to human trials soon. If there was no reason to believe that the therapy would work, they would not be moving to trials.

        3. Nobody knows more about SCI and progress than Dr. Young. He has said over and over that he strongly believes significant functional regeneration in humans is coming. Look at the chart he put together for when we may expect pivotal clinical trials results.

        4. We are on the verge of a new Medical Revolution. (Regenerative Medicine)
        It is going to change the face of medicine & disease. Why do you think there is all this talk all over the world of ESC, ASC, stem cell regulations, etc.

        Shanna, if you are just feeling down right now I can understand why you feel you will never see improvement in your lifetime. It's frustrating that every day we read of new studies in rats and how nothing ever seems to trickle down to us. But if after everything you've seen and read here AND the fact that you are very young AND you still don't believe you will see significant functional improvement in your lifetime... well then I strongly disagree.
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          i am not looking through the posts for answers for i am not dumb enough to believe that there are any cus if there were answers would i be in this chair sitting infront of this computer? no, hell no.

          well that is where the answer to your question is to be found.
          think of curing sci the same as putting a 1,000 peice puzzle
          together. the closer to finishing the puzzle, the faster things
          will go. the puzzle is more than 95% finish. it took 22 years
          to reach this 95% mark, it wont take 20 years or a lifetime
          to go the last 5%.

          now you do the math

          95% = 22 years
          5% = ? years


            Shanna, Sh0rty whatever name you're using check out the thread entitled "Project Walk Director..."

            Maybe that'll change your attitude. [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

            Onward and Upward!


              ahhhh Shorty....

              ...I do beleive I am in love.

              I have felt the exact same way as you...only for me it started 18 years ago, people telling me..' a cure in 5 not despair"...then after those 5 years past I heard it yet again...and again...and again.

              I've been on the internet now for over 10 years and there is and always will be people trying to tell you "5 more years"...5 years from now they will be saying the same dang thing.

              I think it has something to do with research, if a researcher was honest and said "Listen...we need more money...lots more money....but I can honestly say that I don't know when a cure will be found"...that I could deal with, but those that donate money for a cure want to hear a reasonable time frame...and if the researcher said...."hhmmmmmm...maybe 20 years"....well that money would go to something a little more plausible.

              I do disagree with you a little....I do think a cure is on its way...the time frame is what I don't know may be "5 years from now"...or 100. I don't know and neither does anyone else on this board. They can only speculate.


                yeah project walk is good from what i have read and heard and wish i could go try it, but it is not possible. besides it would cost like 1 milion dollars the way the canadian dollar is [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]



                  don't be too optimistic. I don't want to sound so sarcastically, but maybe you would need to spend more years as a quad in your wheelchair.

                  Until recently, I have been by far more optimist than you are. However, today I can tell you I have ever regreted nothing more than the fact that I survived my injury.




                    I don't know a lot about you other than you have only been injured for 13 months. You still have a long way to go in regards to your body healing on its own. I am a quad 18 months post. I am still getting return every week. Also you don't have to go to project walk for gait training. I bought my own machine, ordered a harness and my fiance is building me a lift. All for about 1000. If you want particulars e-mail me.

                    "Save the last dance for me!"



                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by ParaDudeCan:

                      I've been on the internet now for over 10 years and there is and always will be people trying to tell you "5 more years"...5 years from now they will be saying the same dang thing.

                      The thing that I don't understand is why you are on the forum so much...for someone who doesn't believe that a cure will come any time soon and is enjoying your life right now so much as it is, you tend to be following what is going on a lot.......


                        Maybe just a FEW facts might help

                        June 21, 2002
                        An experimental stem cell therapy reversed symptoms in rats suffering from a nerve disorder similar to Parkinson's disease, a U.S. government scientist reported yesterday.

                        Neuroscientists in the United States believe they have identified a protein that blocks attempts to reconnect spinal-cord nerves that have been severed by injury.

                        research in Brazil tries to recoup movements of who was with paralysis because of injuries in the marrow. The work is being made in the Institute of Ortopedia of the University of São Paulo and will test 30 patients.
                        Molecular 'stop signs' may hold secret of nerve regeneration
                        Using brain cells from rats, scientists at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Hamburg have manipulated a molecular "stop sign" so that the injured nerve cells regenerate.

                        Scientists Regrow Sensory Nerve Cells in Rats
                        Wed Jun 12, 2:07 PM ET
                        By Alison McCook
                        NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Adding a particular molecule to nerve cells before severing them helps them to regrow damaged structures following the injury, according to new research.

                        Professor Phil Waite research group has been working since 1997 on a unique spinal regeneration project, which provides some hope. They have been working on nasal cell transplants to repair damaged spinal cords.
                        "Neurons in the olfactory mucosa in the nose are unusual in being produced after birth and continuing to divide throughout adult life,' Phil explained. "Glial cells can be described as the 'nerve glue'. They are supporting cells that accompany nerve cells and are involved in their maintenance. The olfactory ensheathing cells, which are a special type of glial cell, are able to cross from the periphery into the central nervous system and guide the nerve axons. This makes these glia ideal for transplantation into the damaged spinal cord, where they can help axons grow and reconnect."

                        New Haven, Conn. - Yale researchers have developed a synthetic peptide that promotes new nerve fiber growth in the damaged spinal cords of laboratory rats and allows them to walk better, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Nature.
                        The finding could lead to the reversal of functional deficits resulting from brain and spinal cord injuries and caused by trauma and stroke, or brought about by degenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.

                        A team of researchers has provided one more glimmer of hope to people suffering from spinal cord injuries and other crippling neurological diseases. Scientists stress that regenerating damaged nerves remains one of medicine's biggest challenges. New compounds, however, might be part of the solution to someday find a cure, says Dr. Ronald Schnaar, lead investigator in the study conducted at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In particular, Schnaar realized that under laboratory conditions, newly discovered enzymes and antibodies helped dissected rats' nerves grow back.

                        Zhang Shaocheng has rerouted the intercostal nerve to spinal cord nerve roots below the injury. Specifically, after microsurgically releasing and decompressing the cord, intercostal nerves were transferred and bridged to the root that controlled the function to be restored (e.g., muscle function, bladder control, or sensation). Over 30 patients followed an average of 2.5 years regained lower extremity muscular control and could stand up and walk a short distance with crutches and braces. Many had improved bowel and bladder control and proprioception recovery.

                        TORONTO (CP) -- Some patients with spinal cord injuries may have new hope in a drug undergoing study by London, Ont., research team, CTV News reported Tuesday.
                        The drug, fampridine, also called 4-AP, has shown improvements for some people paralysed by spinal cord injuries, CTV said.

                        BioMedNet, May 13 - A team of researchers from the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo has coaxed neural progenitor cells from rat embryonic spinal cord to behave after transplant as if they were born there, in a rat model of spinal injury. They did everything developing neurons are supposed to do, the Japanese team will report this autumn in the Journal of Neuroscience Research - and the rats themselves showed improvements in motor function afterwards.

                        Engineering professors at the National University of Singapore have started a research "corridor" aimed at creating state-of-the-art human "spare parts" that can be used to treat various injuries.
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                          Shanna, please read the following article written by Dr. Young about time frames and curative therapies.



                            thanx everyone
                            i didnt mean anything by posting this. i just simply wanna see where people get the idea the cure is see if they know something i dont or have read something i havent read. but i guess...

                            it also helps me to say that there wont be a cure and then be suddenly surprised then to say yeah there will be a cure and never live to see one. some people are the oppisite and its better for them to think there will be one.

                            thanx people



                              Not a day goes by that I wish I hadn't died in my accident either.
                              By the way I'm a T4 para not quad.

                              What made you change from optimism to pessimism recently? Is it the never ending progress and studies on rats that lead nowhere?

                              The main thing keeping me optimistic is Dr. Levesque's work & overseas progress. Next 2 years should be VERY interesting.
                              "Oh yeah life goes on
                              Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

                              John Cougar Mellencamp