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Laserpuncture and Electropuncture for SCI

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    I've done 2 trip to bohbot center, one in november 2009 and the other in june 2010, i stay for 2 week.. I think it was about 20 min each sceance.


      "You pay your lolly, and hope for results". NO! "you pay your lolly, and expect results". This bugs me most about these treatments; they are not necessarily bogus, and without evidence, their protagonists cannot be properly identified as frauds. The legal definition of fraud is knowingly making a claim that is false. If someone purchases a service, they have a right to expect it to work, at least in part. The distinction between consumer (medically, a patient) and a participant in an experimental project should be clear. A willing guinea pig should actually receive payment, or at least not make any.

      A treatment or therapy, surely, must be proven. Whether the patient, or a national or private means of insurance pays is immaterial. Medicine is not a car or a vacuum cleaner, and no absolute assurances can be given, but I think that asking for a fee running to 10's £k, with regular nil, or possibly negative results is too steep to be permitted.

      In another thread, I said there should be a globally agreed protocol on a no win no fee basis, that does respect the complexity of medical endeavour.
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