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    Preparations for dog trials have proceeded well over the last few months. This has included costings for the project to be
    done at the veterinary hospital here in Melbourne under the direction of Associate Professor Sam Long. Prof Long is a
    veterinary neurosurgeon who has been caring for dogs struck down by spinal cord paralysis. As in humans, the current
    treatment for spinal cord paralysis in dogs is very disappointing and in his effort to improve the lives of these dogs, he
    sought our help with some of the technologies that we have been developing for humans. This is a great opportunity to
    actively treat dogs with this devastating injury and learn quite a deal about the use of various components, dosage rates,
    delivery systems and surgical technique. An ethics application is before the appropriate committee at Melbourne University
    Veterinary School. We are looking forward to advancing this protocol for dogs and as I’ve said, in that process we hope to
    learn a lot about the application of these techniques in humans with spinal cord injuries. It is always an advantage if such
    activities are carried out at two different centres.