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  • Syrinx removal help

    Dear All,

    I posted this thread in the care section and I think I should have posted here instead

    I am looking for some help on the removal of a syrinx for a family member who is t4 due to a SCI. I believe the syrinx is located in the cervical region and after consultation and an MRI it has now extended towards the brain stem.

    In terms of treatment and surgery, what are the risks involved? and implications due to the location of the syrinx? in terms of going for one of the following methods:

    1. Shunt only

    2. Untethering

    3. Untethering and shunt

    We are based in the UK and the syrinx is worsening. Does anyone know of any recommended institute or hospital that has the experience and ability to carrying out these procedures in the UK? I am aware of the ones in the US but unfortunately travelling out of the UK at this stage is not an option.

    Has anyone had a syrinx of this nature removed successfully? If so what process did you go through? Any advise, guidance or help would be most appreciated

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    I just had a syrinx removed in October. It ran from T11 to C5 and there are also two arachnoid cysts and tethering at the original point of injury.
    They did only a shunt at about T5 and it zapped the syrinx except where it started at T11 and that's probably due to the tethering. They originally were going to leave the arachnoid cysts and the tethering alone but since my syrinx operation the pain below the level of injury has gotten much worse and tomorrow I'll go see the neurosurgeon again to talk about this.
    I'll try to find an interesting study done by the university of Miami about these issues. I hope I can find it.
    Sorry for the lack of information, but I can only tell you what happened in my case.
    Dennis Tesolat

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