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Researchers develop new spinal cord injury repair technique

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    Researchers develop new spinal cord injury repair technique

    Researchers have developed a new surgical procedure that is believed to be a step forward in finding an effective treatment for spinal cord injuries.

    Great. But only for acute injuries?
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      On a website for injury lawyers, this sounds more like smoke to be blown in jurors' eyes that a new treatment existed at the time of their client's injury.

      The expert described how the technique involves blocking the body's natural repair process before gluing a severed nerve back together, which then allows for a more efficient join up than suturing the injury.

      I've been hearing this kind of crap for years. Hopefully, there is something meaningful going on here, but after being filtered thorough a couple of lawyers, it came out junk.

      Sorry, I think my cynicism is showing.
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        Yea really...what about chronic injuries? I'm trying to keep hope alive!
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