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    Well said Pat. Like I said before ICORD might not be delivering the cure everybody wants but quite frankly who is. I would rather see them inching along and making small improvements in treatment and rehab then all the cure research which is full of promise so far but falling short on actually coming up with something..


      Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
      Momo, I've known Rick since he was 15 up to present. Rick is a man who will be speaking with dignitaries on the phone while driving to go see a new sci he heard about. He loves to fish and hunt. He is also very involved with the enviroment.

      His primary focus is to maximize ones potential. Keep a positive mental attitude and be as physical fit as you can.

      Before he and Terry Fox did their runs; we would go to schools to play teams in volleyball and basketball and then talk about being responsible for your actions. I remember Rick in Hawaii wheeling on a trainer, the night before the Hawaii Marathon; sweating bigtime. So Rick is a man of dedication. He set goals that were achievable with a vision of where he wanted to end up. Basically he was a kid 15 with a spinal cord injury from a small town who eventually wheeled around the world and continues to encourage everyone to do their best. He would say make sure everyone gets to play even if wa have to change the rules to make sure they do. No one sits out. Maximize your potential and help others maximize theirs. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude.

      He was no saint lol, he played some pretty sick jokes, but he took a few also. One was at the stoke Madelville games in Englsand. They all stayed in the barracks. A couple of guys tied a rope to the end of his bed and the chair. When he reached the end of the rope he went flying out of his chair. Everyone laughed.

      Rick Hansen and Terry Fox were very good friends. They roomed together as team mates. Rick made a special detour to visit Terry's gravesite as one of the last stops before finishing his tour.

      If I remember right he used hundreds of pairs of gloves and went thru at many chairs. Engineers from UBC and other places were making changes to his roadchair and wheeling style that are still used today by athletes. Lenny Marriot, a disabled athlete the same build as Rick, spent countless hours wheeling in hot or freezing conditions at SFU testing clothing and chairs before sending them out to Rick. I bet even Rick doesn't realize what Lenny did for the tour.

      That is what Rick is about Momo. This is what you tell your 10 year old daughter. You can tell her that info is something that only a few know and she is free to use it if she wants.

      thanks for telling once again to all CC members what you know about Rich Hansen.

      People are free to read, look for facts & come to the conclusions they believe are correct.

      I wanted to make sure Momo could find also other points of view about Rick Hansen and what the orgs with his name are doing.

      For sure no one has been able to answer a simple question like - what % of the income is spent to find a cure for SCI?

      You may say they will never answer to a guy with my attitude, that could be ok.
      Unfortunatly several nice people not linked to me have asked - kindly - kind questions and they didn't receive answers either.
      Then you can look at finacial reports of the orgs linked to Rick Hansen (if you can read them) and see other facts.

      Time wil tell. I would be happy to be proven wrong. Unfortunatly no one could provide something more than hot air to prove me wrong so far.

      In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming


        Paolo, she was talking to a ten year old. Give it a rest.


          Originally posted by christopher View Post
          Paolo, she was talking to a ten year old. Give it a rest.
          I am not saying momo has to tell this stuff to a ten year old (that would be crazy I think), I was just providing momo a critical angle to look at the situation.

          Does that make sense to you?

          In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming


            Thanks all for your input!

            Paolo, I understand where you are coming from. There are a lot of foundations (American Cancer Soceity, Susan G. Komen, etc.) that don't spend as much as we or others would like on research for cures.

            Thank you for your insight on Rick Hansen. I know noone is perfect but it will help to have my daughter understand his accomplishments.

            My main reason for starting this thread was I thought it was great that there was a real person in her text book that was in a wheelchair like mom. That we are as important as anyone else.


              Originally posted by momo3 View Post
              I'm not sure this is the right forum or if I will get flamed here but my 10 year old daughter was doing a word problem in math. She said "Mom, you would like this-Rick Hansen wheeled across...". I can't remember the exact mileage or continents. She thought it was great that they were talking about someone in a wheelchair. I told her he was real person and she almost didn't believe me. I don't know much about his foundation in Canada but I think it is pretty cool that at least the 5th graders around here are doing word problems about real people in real chairs.