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    Dr Albert Bohbot,

    That is amaizing! Is Ovidiu still there at the clinic?
    I am waiting for my KAFOs to be done and i will be coming in France!
    Ovidiu told me,summer time is the best to come in, because of the view!!

    Blue skies!!


      Ovidiu is back in Romania.

      We'll be glad to meet you if you want to come.



        Originally posted by e.t.

        We have to add also how much Dr Bohbot Treatment per information from web site.

        treatment 80 euros a day = 100 dollars a day
        plus accomodation = 50 dollars per day
        plus transportation = 50 per day
        plus food and other expenses = 50 per day
        total = 250 dollars per day

        if you stay two weeks = 3500 dollars
        four times a year (recommended) = 14000 dollars



        I would like to make some corrections - per participant of your treatment

        treatment 90 euros per session (15 minutes) two times a day = 2 X 90= 180 euros per day.

        plus accomodation= 50 euros per day

        plus transportation-rent car = 50 euros per day

        plus food and other expenses = 50 euros per day

        total = 330 euros per day

        if you stay two weeks = 4620 euros

        2 plane tickets = 1300 per person (one for me and one for care giver)
        approx 1000 euros

        total one trip to france = 6620 euros

        four times a year (recommended) = 4 X 6620= 26480 euros

        Per current rate = one euro = 1.41 dollars = 37336.8 dollars US

        On your video i see minor progress but i believe this is not adequate to such high costs.



          UNBELIEVABLE. Dr. Bohbot, you charge 90 euro for 15 minutes of laser prosedure, 2 times per day equal 180 euo for 30 minutes = $ 255 for 30 minutes
          Do you really want to help people or do you just want to make money? Can you explain why this prosedure is so expensive


            Originally posted by alextaz
            hi! my name is mirel and i am a T7-8 complete since summer of 2005.Ovidiu is my friend and he is a T11-12 complete since 2001.So far he got Dr. Huang's procedure in China,Dr.Mally Judith,s in Hungary and Dr. Bohbot's in France.on 3rd of april he is gonna go back in France for his third session.I am watching his progress since last summer after the accident i had in Knoxville ,Tennese and i can tell you guys, is amazing.Yesterday ,i spoke with him on the phone (he is leaving in Romania) and he told me that he is using his wheelchair only he is to tired ,otherwise he is walking with KAFO's all the time.the amazing thing is that he has a girlfriend and her apartment is at second floor in a building with no elevator ,so he has to climb 30 steps in order to get to her house.with a help of a friend and railings he does that.let me summarize his story :he is at the point where he feels his bladder and bowel ,no more cathetering and suppositoryes,he feels his hips,he has movement his right leg more than in the left one ,he told me that he started to set the stationary bike with ressistance for the workout and his legs feel really tired after the exercises.
            when i asked him witch of the methods he got the improvments from, he could not tell me,but he also stated that after Dr Bohbot's he feels more improvments and he belives in laserponcture and that why he keeps going there at every 3 between trips he is exercising home every day with heavy weights and fitness machines.
            So, guys in stand of judging Dr. Bohbot for his procedure you should get your plain tickets and go there and try it.He is a pioneer in this kind of treatment and of course his method is not at the highest level it could be ,but he is trying to get there and we need to help him to get there because only with us he can improve his procedure.I am waiting for my KAFOs and i will go there ,too.Probably next month.
            i hope you will excuse my my second language!
            Wait let me get this straight.

            Your friend t-11 complete in 2001 how long was he complete?
            IN other words how long was he unable to feel EVERYTHING and unable to move EVERYTHING for?

            When did he start his first procedure.


              One session lasts 10 or 20 minutes depending on the individual's history, e.g. if he received a cell therapy or not.

              Should we again underline that 10 lasers work at the same time with a different power and frequency, i.e. 100 to 200 minutes of phototherapy for a session.

              Using the laser machine requires other supplies, like sticky patches to apply the laserheads on the skin - they are made in the US and costly, approx. 10 euros for each laser session.

              The monthly check-up takes 40 to 45 minutes to realize.

              Contrary to many others who charge $300 to $400, the initial assessment is free of charge.

              90 euros is the price for one day, gyms are open from 9 am to 5 pm and access free.

              The laser machine is costly, 25 % are funded by myself, the rest by the State. Click the following link to have a look at it

              Also you may want to compare our results with other therapies. We post the progress on

              Many individuals who went to China (Dr Huang) come here straight after for the double therapy.

              Also FYI, people from 47 different countries came to undergo laserponcture last year. They came back and seem happy with what they have (recovery + costs).

              We hope we have answered your questions.

              Albert Bohbot


              Français / French:

              Une séance dure de 10 à 20 minutes si l'individu a reçu des cellules ou non.

              10 lasers travaillent en même temps, ce qui fait 100 à 200 minutes de laser, chaque laser se cumule et a une puissance et une fréquence différente.

              La mise en oeuvre nécessite l'utilisation de consommables, ne serait-ce que pour faire tenir les supports sur la peau. Ils sont fabriqués aux Etats-Unis et coûtent chers, environ 10 euros par séance.

              L'examen mensuel effectué prend 40 à 45 minutes.

              Contrairement à beaucoup, l'entretien préalable est gratuit. Nous ne prenons pas 300 à 400 $.

              90 euros est le prix à la journée, les gymnases sont ouverts de 9h à 17h.

              La machine coûte très cher, je la finance à 25 % et l'Etat à 75 %. Elle est unique au monde (voir ici,

              Beaucoup de personnes partis en Chine viennent directement chez nous pour faire une bi-thérapie.

              Vous pouvez comparer avec d'autres traitements et surtout comparer les résultats, les nôtres sont en ligne sur

              Nous espérons avoir répondu à vos questions.

              Albert Bohbot