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Stem cells that are pure enough for the clinic

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    Stem cells that are pure enough for the clinic

    Stem cells that are pure enough for the clinic
    High-quality human embronic stem cells derived without the use of animal products.

    Ewen Callaway
    06 December 2011

    Human embryonic stem cells that are potentially pure enough to be used in therapies have been deposited into the UK Stem Cell Bank, and will soon be available across Europe.

    To make 'clinical-grade' cells, scientists produced them without the use of any of the animal cells or products typically needed, and did so under certified manufacturing conditions. They are the highest-quality cells of their kind publicly available, says Peter Braude, a stem-cell scientist at King’s College London whose team derived them at an estimated cost of £3 million (US$4.7 million). Much of the money went into infrastructure that will enable the creation of additional clinical-grade cell lines, he says.


    Top-grade stem cells seen boosting research trials
    LONDON | Tue Dec 6, 2011 11:01am EST

    LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists have made the first human embryonic stem cells of a high enough grade to use in patients and deposited them in a public stem cell bank for development in human trials by drug companies and researchers by 2014.

    A team from King's College London said on Monday they were submitting two clinical-grade stem cell lines to the UK Stem Cell Bank (UKSBC), which will test and validate them before offering them to researchers.

    This could speed the path towards new stem-cell treatments for conditions like blindness, severe injury or heart disease.

    "This first batch of cells is the culmination of nearly 10 years of research. This is a significant milestone," said Peter Braude, who led the King's team.