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Rhizotomy or other new tretments

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    Rhizotomy or other new tretments

    Hi all,

    Has any one, with cervicale damage/injury experienced a Rhizotomy procedure on the last few years and can share the experience ?

    Is there any new procedure/ treatment that is in a process ? any hope for such a tretment ?

    2004 - left arm pain during pregnancy.
    Dec 2005 - C5-6 Prestiege ADR - more pain in the arms and legs.
    Mar 2007 - C5-6 revision (Spinal-Kinetic ADR).
    Dec 2007 - C5-6 fusion.
    Having unbearable nerve pain 24/7 …

    Hi Melisa,

    I originally wrote a rather long and convoluted explanation here, detailing my own not-so-close encounter with a surgical procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy, which has been used on children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy for some time.

    After looking through some of your other posts here, I now believe that the term 'rhizotomy' likely doesn't mean the same thing to you that it does to me. Apparently, there is a non-surgical procedure, also called rhizotomy, which is sometimes used to temporarily relieve chronic back pain. If that's what you were talking about (and it probably is), then I unfortunately can't tell you anything useful.

    That said, I do hope you find the answers you are looking for.

    - Sara
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