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Dr. Wise Young in PVA Magazine this month

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    Dr. Wise Young in PVA Magazine this month

    From Paraplegia News Mgazine

    Researcher Predicts Cure
    As reported by Rosalie Karunas in SCI Access, published by the University of Michigan Model SCI Care System, Dr. Wise Young was recently cited by Time Magazine as one of America's Best in Science and Medicine for his research on spinal-cord repair. While Dr. Young heads the Center for Collaborative Neuroscience of Rutgers University, he maintains close contacts with staffs of the University of Michigan Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System and other Model SCI Systems around the country.

    "I firmly believe we will develop treatment to restore function!" Dr. Young declares. "I do not believe any single center will come up with a cure. Only the best scientists working together can produce this," he says

    Nice Post Bill

    of course he deserves the recognition.

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    Ps I still think Chicago style pizza is the BEST!!!! lol