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Dr. Ramon-Cueto -- Chronic/Contusion Models

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  • Dr. Ramon-Cueto -- Chronic/Contusion Models

    Did anybody ever ask Dr. Ramon-Cueto whether she was experimenting with a chronic/contusion model? If not, I will send her e-mail again and ask.

    At this point, I would like to make a comment. The whole purpose of this forum is to share information. If people know more about Dr. Ramon-Cueto's experiments I think it is unconscionable to not share that information. It's not like knowledge of this basic research is going to get somebody to a therapy quicker. At this point, it's almost purely science. I can see becoming secretive once it comes time to find a neurosurgeon to perform this procedure for example.

    Once again, if people are going to withhold information, I will send e-mail and share the response with the group.

    Power to the people!

    Allen Krupar
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    Her rat experiments were all acute transection models, I believe

    But I'm not positive.

    Someone emailed her about the upcoming primate experiments expressing concern that transection wasn't the right way to go and was she considering a contusion model. She didn't respond, to my knowledge. Her only answer was that if it works with transections it will work with contusions because the same scar material is present in both. Obviously she's overlooking the difficulty of where to place the cell matrix in a contusion injury. Dr. Young says OEG are not good at finding their way into the various tracts of a contused cord. I think there are other differences/problems.

    She also stated it would work in a chronic model but didn't offer any hard evidence.

    Sorry you are getting frustrated. I think you should email her. Also, Wilfried posts here and he usually knows what's up with her efforts. Wish I could be more help.

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    • #3 question to Dr. Young and the research community on this forum. Will labs take volunteers to care for animals? Will they provide the training which is required? hypothetically, if I came to your lab and said "I want to learn to care for animals that have been chronically spinal cord injured" would you take me on?

      What is the SCI community was proactive and wanted to not only fund, but be a part of the research effort itself?

      Eric Texley
      Eric Texley


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        Al, Jeff is right. To date, Almudena Ramon-Cueto has not published any work with the contusion model. I know that several people that she has collaborated with use the rat Impactor device. Also, Giles Plant in Australia, as well as the Miami Project, is using the contusion model to evaluate OEG transplants. Wise.


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          Eric, squeezing rats is no fun. If you manage to convince our animal care staff that you have good hands and are responsible, they might let you help. It takes a lot of gentleness and sensitivity to do it right. One of the scientists in our Center is quadriplegic. Wise.


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            why doesnt that quad scientist come here to the forum. he would be a big hit.


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              It would seem to me that it isn't really a problem of caring for the animals. People with pets care for chronically injured animals all the time. Pick up any vetrinary reference, and you can look up the procedures required to care for animals with spinal cord disorders.

              I would think a much bigger problem would be the need to have staff continuously around. I bet it would be alot tougher to convince groups that were doing funding that an independent not-for-profit group could handle the reponsibilities required the care of chronically injured animals. In order to get funding for such research, it isn't necessary to gain approval from the IACUC?

              So how could an independent group offer their services to spinal cord research labs in major cities? Rather than just fund the research, I want to be involved in the research. Im totally sick of the excuse that chronic injury models are too difficult to pull off...
              Eric Texley


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                thumbs up eric

                researchers are running out the country to do cloning. researchers are running out the country to do esc. how about running out the country to do sci? NOPE
                im willing to volunteer and travel and buy the doctors ticket too. researchers need to ask themselves what is more important?
                appeasing the rules and fda or helping human beings. the 2 issues in the case of sci is in conflict with each other.


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                  DA, it's a she-scientist and she does come to the forum but I don't know that she is posting. Wise.