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    Originally posted by paolocipolla View Post
    What to do now?

    I would start writing to the governor general as suggested by Lynnifer.
    Then get the attention of some media. I understant it is unlikely to find someomne barve enough to question what RH orgs are doing, but we should try.
    We have several months of the 25 anniversary "relay" in the media, so we need to jump in the relay somehow.
    Letter sent. Thanks Lynnifer. Except I think I screwed up and called him Sir when it was supposed to be Excellency or something. Sheesh. It's only 2011!

    Anyway, as to "what to do", how about creating a kind of petition or online compilation where as many of us as possible create a brief entry expressing that CURE is a top priority in our lives and that we'd like to see that urgency reflected in the research and budget allocation of an sci institute boasting a "world without paralysis" mandate. Seems to me that the board or PTB there decided on our behalf what's most important to people with sci, and we need to let them know that spending $0 on CNS regeneration and clinical trials is a categorical FAIL on their part.