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Increase of "nerve pain"

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    Increase of "nerve pain"

    Im a c5/6 as of 03/02/02. I have always had bad nerve pain in my retum which someday's it an 7 and other days a 10 where just want to in bed and sleep. Taking a nap 1/2 hour to 1hr will make the pain go away or lesser, especially if it a 10 in the morning, I eat and get dress And the tell my pca to wake me in 1 hour and sometimes the rectum pain is gone or lessen. Am one 625mg lyrica, tried neurotin,
    In 09 it started in my gut area and increases when eating and talking. I have been keeping a diary since I have had this taking pain.
    I had a baclofen put in 04, hoping to less my spasms and less my pain. I weened off my baclofen and started a new drug in my pump called PRIALT as of 03/11. I think it has help my butt pain up to 8mi/g with no side effects. I have a pain management Dr. thru Eastern Maine Medical Center. I have been out to Brigham & Womens Hospital twice an The Dr. says there's nothing to do about, After he came in laughing crise my Dr. new more than he did. But in not giving up looking for some relief from talking and eating.

    Nerve pain has gotten worst since 05/01/02. Started in legs and anul area, every other day or so, then around '05 started to hurt on the left side of abdomen, every other day or so,.

    Let me remind you I have slept on my sides for 4 years now. In 08-09, This abdominal/pelvic/right hip pain would all of a sudden start to really hurt one day, so went to the ER and thought it was from a uti, no fever or chills just pain in my abdomen/pelvic area. I would be treated many different times throughout a the next couple years for a uti, but would go back every evening with the same pain, because it got very painful throught out the day. As this pain started to hurt more often we ruled out uti's and diagnosed it as nerve pain
    Starting in 08 nerve pain has started to really hurt every day around the pelvic area up to gut and around my waist area, and right hip where my pump sits on my hip, (sharp electric shock & tightness feeling). It gets worse thought out the day. Every other day it seems the feeling it so intense I don't eat much for lunch or supper and this has interupted my bowel regime. The tightness feeling increases when moving arms, and really hurts when swolling and talking. I have stopped working out my upper body and have lose weight and muscle ton in uppebody.
    The pain is very terrible, in my pelvic & gut everyday, It starts up in the morning eating breakfast and talking. It can get so flared by noontime, that I become a mute and don't eat. It pain gets aggravated by exert any movement, working out, driveing my van, to travel outside in my chair on rough terrain, and to travel bumpy roads, even to hold my joystick forward.

    I would like to find a Dr. out there that ca relief some of the pain. This my life, can anybody recommend me to a better one